The 2nd CFE (China) Central Food Expo 2020 meets in Zhengzhou in July

The 2nd CFE (China) Central Food Expo 2020 is held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 29th to July 31st. The aim is to exhibit the image of exhibitors among peers and customers, and to enhance the industry status, brand influence and popularity of exhibitors.
2nd CFE

It is reported that the exhibition will last three days, with a total of 6 exhibition halls, covering an area of 33,000 square meters, with 1,600 booths, and it is expected to receive 100,000+ professional buyers; Exhibition scope: Internet celebrity food, baked goods, puffed food, spicy meat, chocolate candies, beverages, condiments, food machinery, food packaging machinery.

VTOPS on 2nd CFE

As a well-known local food packaging machinery manufacturer in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd was invited to participate in this exhibition and exhibited related food packaging equipment, such as: snack multi-head weighing machine, whey protein powder can filling production line, auger filling machine, etc.

Photo of Snack Multi-head Weighing Machine:

It is reported that this is the first time that VTOPS Machinery participated in the exhibition after the resumed work of COVID-19.

Other Wonderful Moments

2nd CFEAlmost all personnel wore masks.

2nd CFEA company that specializes in live broadcasting conducts live broadcasting at the 2nd CFE.

2nd CFEA cow mascot shuttles through the crowd, attracting the audience to learn about their products.

2nd CFEYou will not feel hungry here, because there are free foods everywhere.

2nd CFEA food manufacturer is releasing a new food product.

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