The 2019 Autumn 58th CIPM held in Chongqing from November 5th to 7th

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China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (hereinafter referred to as CIPM) is an important exhibition in China’s pharmaceutical field, held once a year. CIPM brings together global pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers, suppliers, and professional practitioners to display the latest pharmaceutical equipment, technologies, and solutions. The exhibition provides a unique platform for communication, cooperation, and knowledge sharing within the pharmaceutical machinery industry. The 2019 autumn 58th CIPM held in Chongqing from November 5th to 7th.

2019 Autumn 58th CIPM
2019 Autumn 58th CIPM

Main Exhibition Products of CIPM

CIPM covers various aspects of pharmaceutical machinery and related fields, mainly including:

  1. Pharmaceutical Production Equipment: The pharmaceutical production equipment at the exhibition mainly includes pharmaceutical production lines, tablet manufacturing machinery, liquid filling equipment, solid preparation equipment, etc., used for pharmaceutical production and processing in pharmaceutical factories.
  2. Packaging Machinery: Manufacturers mainly display various pharmaceutical packaging machines. Such as automatic filling machines, labeling machines, capping machines, packaging lines, and sterilization equipment. They are to ensure the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical packaging.
  3. Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Finished Drugs: Manufacturers mainly display various pharmaceutical packaging machines. For example, automatic filling machines, labeling machines, capping machines, packaging lines, and sterilization equipment. They are to ensure the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical packaging.
  4. Pharmaceutical Quality Control Equipment: Control equipment includes pharmaceutical testing instruments, quality control technology, and laboratory equipment. They are to ensure the quality and compliance of pharmaceutical products.
  5. Pharmaceutical Process and Technology: Production technicians will demonstrate the latest pharmaceutical production process and technology, including pharmaceutical automation, process optimization, pharmaceutical information systems, etc.
  6. Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials: Various materials used for pharmaceutical packaging will also appear at the exhibition. For example, pharmaceutical packaging materials, bottles, bottle caps, packaging bags, etc.
  7. Biopharmaceutical Technology: Demonstrate technologies and equipment in biopharmaceuticals, including bioreactors, biopharmaceutical process equipment, and biopharmaceutical production technologies.
  8. Clean Technology: Demonstrate clean room technology and equipment used in pharmaceutical production to ensure a clean and sterile environment for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

VTOPS Participated in the 2019 Autumn 58th CIPM

It is a great honor for VTOPS to participate in the 2019 autumn 58th CIPM. As a leading company specializing in pharmaceutical machinery. VTOPS displayed a series of innovative pharmaceutical machinery solutions at this exhibition. The main products of VTOPS participating in the exhibition include different types of powder and liquid filling machines, packaging machines, capping machines, labeling machines, automated production lines, etc.

At the exhibition, VTOPS actively interacts with pharmaceutical industry professionals worldwide. It shares the latest technology and unique experiences while listening to market needs and customer feedback. Exhibiting at this show is part of our commitment to providing customers with efficient and reliable pharmaceutical solutions. VTOPS looks forward to continuing to promote the innovation and development of the pharmaceutical machinery industry and bring more value to the pharmaceutical industry.

58th CIPM
58th CIPM

The 2019 Autumn 58th CIPM held in Chongqing from November 5th to 7th

From November 5th to 7th, 2019, Chongqing held CIPM, also known as the 2019 (autumn) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition. This grand event brings together professionals in the pharmaceutical field, provides them with a platform to showcase the latest technologies and products, and promotes exchanges and cooperation in pharmaceutical machinery. The following is the main information of the exhibition:

    • Date: November 5th, 2019 to November 7th, 2019
    • Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center
    • Organizer: China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment (CAPE)
    • Exhibition Hall Details:
      • S1 & S3 & S5: International Exhibition Hall
      • S2 & S4 & S6 & S7: Secondary Machinery
      • C: Inspection Equipment
      • N1 & N3 & N5: Packaging Machinery
      • N2 & N4 & N6: API Machinery
      • N7: Milling Machinery
      • N7: TCM Machinery
      • N8: Water Treatment Equipment
      • N8: Other Machinery

Layout of Exhibition Hall

58th CIPM

The International Significance of CIPM

CIPM plays a key role in promoting the international pharmaceutical machinery industry. It provides a platform for global pharmaceutical machinery companies to exchange, cooperate, and innovate. CIPM promotes international technical exchanges and technological progress in pharmaceutical machinery. In addition, the exhibition also helps to promote the opening of the international market. It enables pharmaceutical machinery companies to participate in international trade cooperation more extensively and strengthen market competitiveness. Through interaction and experience sharing with international counterparts, CIPM promotes the global development of the pharmaceutical machinery industry. It prompts the industry to continuously adapt to new challenges and opportunities, and thus promotes the prosperity and innovation of the global pharmaceutical machinery industry.


As an important event in the field of pharmaceutical machinery in China, the 58th CIPM provides opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The aim is to show the latest technologies and products and provides a platform for industry professionals to exchange experiences and discuss innovative solutions. This exhibition also helps to promote international trade and cooperation, promote technological progress in the pharmaceutical machinery industry. It can improve production efficiency, and promote the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry.

The participation of VTOPS in the CIPM promotes its strength and innovation ability and strengthens the relationship with partners in the international pharmaceutical machinery field. By showcasing the latest packaging machinery and solutions, VTOPS will continue to promote the development of the pharmaceutical machinery industry and provide customers with more efficient and reliable pharmaceutical solutions to meet the growing market demand.

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