An American Customer Entrust CCIC Inspect Vtops Big Bag Packing Machine

September 10, 2019. Mr. Tom placed an order with Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as VTOPS), and entrusted CHINA CERTIFICATION & INSPECTION GROUP (hereinafter referred to as CCIC) to inspect the big bag packing machine.

September 16, 2019. VTOPS received an inspection booking request form from CCIC, and make an appointment in the morning of September 21 for inspection in Vtops factory.

September 21, 2019. Mr. Huang Zhikuo, an inspector of CCIC, inspected the customized 5lbs-60lbs big bag powder packing machine in the factory of VTOPS.

An Introduction:
Mr. Huang inspected each item according the CCIC inspection report, and took photos and videos with camera to record. The inspection includes two parts.

Inspection Items:

Inspect the quantity of machines.
1. One unit of 5lbs-60lbs Big Bag Packing Machine for Powders | VTOPS-DGS-50F;
2. One unit of Screw Conveyor Feeder | VTOPS-F159;
3. One unit of Automatic 50 Kg Bag Sewing Machine | GK35-6A;
4. Two units of Conveyor Belt.

Inspection Process:

Inspect the quality of machines:
Item 1: 5lbs-60lbs Big Bag Packing Machine for Powders | VTOPS-DGS-50F
1. Voltage: AC Three-Phase 380V
2. Filling range: 5lbs-60lbs (Customize Measure in LB)
3. Metering Method: Clamp and Hold device
4. Contact Material: SUS 304
5. Condition: New
6. Customize Measure in pound.
5lbs-60lbs Big Bag Packing Machine for Powders | VTOPS-DGS-50F

Item 2: Screw Conveyor Feeder | VTOPS-F159
1. Voltage: AC Three-Phase 380V
2. Screw Tube Diameter: 159mm
3. Lifting Height: 2.6 m
4. Material: SUS 304
5. Condition: New

Item 3: 50 Kg Bag Sewing Machine | GK35-6A
1. Stitch Formation: Chain Stitch
2. Equip with emergency stop button
3. Condition: New

Item 4: Conveyor Belt
1. Length: 3m
2. Condition: New

The testing result: No defect was found. All pass.

Mr. Huang Zhikuo completed the inspection report on site; the principal Ms. Lisa Yue on behalf of VTOPS signed the report.

Ms. Lisa Yue said: “Mr. Tom posted some RFQs on Alibaba and received a lot of feedbacks and quotation. Finally Mr. Tom decided to cooperate and make order with our company. Because VTOPS can customize the weighing measure in pounds. As a top 10 manufacturer of big bag packing machines in China, VTOPS will always offer top solutions and top machines for wordwide customers. Meanwhile, sincerely appreciate all the customers who support VTOPS.”

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