Do You Know an Inline Production Checkweigher Machine Check Weight From 5kg to 30kg For Industry Product Lines?

Checkweighers are essential devices that are used to check the weight of products in various industries. It ensure the products meet required weight specifications, which is crucial for quality control and compliance with industry standards. In this article, we will discuss a particular kind of checkweigher machine that can weigh products from 5kg to 30kg.

One of the features that make the checkweigher stand out is its accuracy. It can weigh products with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that the products meet the required weight specifications. The checkweigher has a load cell that can detect even the weight differences, making it suitable for products that require high precision weighing. It is an ideal for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and logistics.

Moreover, the 30kg check weigher machinery will only take up a little space on your plant. It helps you solve a lot of problems in an area of less than 1 square meter. A layout drawing of the weighing check machine is as follows.
Outline Dimensions of CW30000 Weighing Rejection Machine
Outline Dimensions of CW30000 Weighing Rejection Machine

The Weighing Rejection Machine is also easy to operate. It has a user-friendly 7-inch color multilingual human Machine Interface. that allows operators to set the desired weight parameters and track the weight of products in real-time. The checkweigher also has an alarm or reject system. It will alerts operators when products do not meet the required weight specifications, ensuring that the products are rejected before they are packaged.

Another advantage of the check weigher is its versatility. The model VTOPS-CW30000 check weigher machine can handle a wide range of products up to 35 times per minute, including boxes, cans, bottles, and bags. The checkweigher can also customized to suit specific industry needs, such as weighing and metal detection integrated machine. The weighing detection and metal detection machine is the addition of a metal detector to check for metal contamination in products.

Of course, we also can set the machine to automatically reject products that do not meet the weight by the Pneumatic Pusher that comes with the machine.

In conclusion, the checkweigher machinery is a reliable and accurate device for weighing products from 5kg to 30kg. It is ideal for industries that require high-precision weighing and quality control. Such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and logistics. Buying a checkweigher machine is an essential tool for any industry that requires weighing and quality control of products.

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