Konjac Powder Auger Filling Packaging Machine

As people’s demand for health and body maintenance continues to increase. A series of konjac deep-processed foods is favoring by the market. Which has also supported the development of the konjac industry, such as konjac powder processing and packaging machines.

Auger Filler Filling Machine

Auger Filler Filling Machine

Konjac has a history of more than 2,000 years of cultivation in China. The konjac classified as a kind of potato and taro crops. It is rich in carbohydrates, protein and trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and selenium, but also has the advantage of lower calories. Therefore, products such as konjac flour, konjac noodles, and konjac tofu have become a major part of people’s fat reduction.

Konjac Flour Powder

Konjac Flour Powder

Advantages and Noteworthy

What’s more worth mentioning is that konjac is also rich in glucomannan. The glucomannan has a good effect in lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and enhancing immunity. In addition, the konjac powder is the only one of found to provide a large amount of glucomannan. That is more increasing the highlight of importance of konjac powder flour.

However, the konjac known as “healthy figure” is not eaten directly after maturity. Because the whole plant is poisonous and the tuber is the most important. After maturity, it often needs to be processed, powdered, and glued before it finally become edible food or raw material. Among of them, the konjac powder is gelatinizing with water to become transparent, colorless, and tasteless dextrin. It is major parts in the production of konjac noodles, konjac bread, konjac tofu, konjac noodles, etc. And also the konjac powder has many advantages, such as enhancing food elasticity, stretchability, and maintaining food color and taste.

Konjac Noodles

Konjac noodles is a popular delicacy made from konjac flour powder.

In addition, the application range of konjac flour has been expanding in recent years. The currently known incomplete statistics include gelling properties, film-forming properties, adsorption properties, high swelling properties, and glucomannan health-care properties. For example, further multi-category expansion in food processing, such as soft candies, solid beverages, bionic food and other categories. And they are widely using in the chemical industry, medicine and health industry, agriculture and other fields. And have successively formed edible films, cling films, capsules, sponges, and seed coatings. Finished products such as cosmetics and skin care products play a positive role in the development of all walks of life.

With the increasing demand for konjac flour powder in deep processing, the upstream konjac planting industry has accelerated the development of konjac flour preparation to fully meet the downstream demand and achieve a bumper harvest and increase income through konjac processing. Some konjac flour powder manufacturers have problems in packaging, transportation, and sales. Vtops company is actively researching and launching multiple packaging machines such as form fill sealing packaging machine, pick-fill-seal packaging machine and other packaging machines to help konjac flour powder manufacturers improve efficiency.

Konjac Flour Powder Bottle Filling Packaging Machine

Konjac Flour Powder Bottle Filling Packaging Machine

After testing, the physical properties of konjac flour powder is a non-free-flowing powder. So, an auger dosing device is the ideal choice for filling and packing the dry konjac flour powder. The biggest advantage of auger filling machine is that the filling system relatively close to reduce dust leakage and pollution.

In recent years, compare with some other agricultural products, the price of konjac is in a period of relatively stable growth, and the overall price fluctuation is not large. This also paves the way for mobilizing the enthusiasm of growers of konjac in China. At the same time, the development of konjac flour powder packaging machine is also help the development of konjac flour. As the upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chains in further connected, it will boost the healthy development of the konjac industry.

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