How to Boosts the Consumption Growth of Plant-Based Milk Coffee of New Packaging Technology

Introduction: The new packaging technology is boosting the consumption growth of plant-based milk coffee. The plant milk represented by oat milk is growing to a new force in coffee industry. The combination of plant milk and coffee, coupled with advanced production technology such as micron grinding, enzymatic hydrolysis and aseptic filling, not only innovate a new experience on the taste of coffee, but also better the aroma of coffee. At the same time, it also broadens the consumption scene of plant milk.

With the gradual increase awareness of healthy eating, especially special events affect. A healthy and nutritious plant milk sales is increasing rapidly, opening up a vast blue ocean consumer market. Among them, plant milk represented by oat milk recently becomes more popular among the coffee. The combination of plant milk and coffee, coupled with advanced production technology such as micron grinding, enzymatic hydrolysis and aseptic filling, not only innovate a new experience on the taste of coffee, but also better the aroma of coffee. At the same time, it also broadens the consumption scene of plant milk.

Coffee Sales Growth Spawn New Products

In recent years, the scale of the China coffee market continues to expand. According to iiMedia Consulting data is following:

2015-2025 China Coffee Industry Market Scale and Forecast | iiMedia

2015-2025 China Coffee Industry Market Scale and Forecast | iiMedia

The data shows that since 2015, the size of China’s coffee industry market has been increasing. In 2015, the size of China’s coffee industry market was small, only 70 billion yuan, or US dollars about 11.11 billion. In 2020, the size of China’s coffee industry market was 300 billion yuan, or US dollars about 47.62 billion. It is expected to will reach 1,000 billion yuan in 2025, or US dollars about 158.73 billion. With the increasing demand for coffee and new tea booming sales, the coffee market began to expand rapidly and attracted many enterprises to join.

In this situation, both new entrants and old coffee brands inevitably face fierce competition. Based on this, some coffee companies are actively innovating products to meet the diversified consumption needs of young people who are in pursuit of creativity, novelty, health and new tastes, because these young people gradually become the main force of coffee consumption. For example, some companies adopt Mini canned packaging design, flying saucer-shaped packaging design and traditional health-preserving Chinese medicine coffee which combine the consumption demand of healthy diet.

Black Coffee + Plant Milk

According to the “2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights”, with fast coffee consumption moving towards health and quality upgrades, consumers are becoming more and more concerned about quality of coffee’s “partner” milk. Plant milk becomes a new popular choice for coffee lovers. For this reason, many coffee brands carry out product innovations and launch “plant milk + coffee” combination products to attract more consumers.

2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights | CBNData

2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights | CBNData

The report shows that the concept of “black coffee with milk” remains unchanged, however the emphasis on milk is quietly upgraded.
With the upgrading of fast coffee consumption towards quality, consumers are becoming more and more particular about the quality of milk in milk coffee. Plant milk represented mainly by oat milk has become the most influential coffee “companion” nowadays, and its consumption has increased nearly fourfold.

Oat milk + Quick Coffee

In addition, oat milk and fast coffee have become a trendy new flavor for young women who are light and luxurious.

2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights | CBNData

2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights | CBNData

The report shows that among the people who buy too fast coffee and oat milk at the same time, nearly 90% are female consumers. At the same time, young consumers are also dominant. For example, the post-85s, post-90s and post-95s generation together account for over 60% of the market share. More interestingly, more than 90% of female consumers prefer to buy quick coffee and oat milk online.

It is said that more than 50 boutique cafes in Shanghai launched creative plant-based milk coffee. The plant-based milk coffee products based on oatmeal plant milk emerged one after another. However, some companies choose almond milk and add erythritol and brown rice powder to it. Enzymatic hydrolysis of brown rice increases the sweetness, while erythritol is used as a sweetener without adding calories. This can satisfy consumers’ expectations for new coffee flavors and demands for nutrition and health.

Origin of Coffee Beans

Not only that, the origin of the coffee beans has also become a factor for consumers to choose coffee.

2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights | CBNData

2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights | CBNData

According to the report, consumers are increasingly paying attention to the origin of coffee beans, and the origin has a trend toward niche development. Coffee beans from the traditional origins of Jamaica and Ethiopia maintain their leading positions. Honduras and Vietnam, the niche producing areas, are gaining swiftly, quickly capturing the hearts of coffee consumers.


The coffee attitude of trendy literary and artistic consumers emphasizes appearance and packaging.

2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights | CBNData

2021 Youth Coffee Consumer Trend Insights | CBNData

The report shows that trendy and artistic consumers prefer to eat and enjoy a cup of coffee in coffee shops. Among the selection factors such as brand, packaging, service, taste, and store, the decoration style of the store and the exquisite coffee packaging are the elements that attract them.

Important Processing Technology

In fact, although coffee product innovation can break the homogeneity of the industry, it is only one of the many challenges that coffee companies have to face. In addition, processing technology and technological innovation and upgrading are very important. For example, plant milk coffee “mates” currently mostly uses oat milk. To maintain the original flavor and mellow and silky taste of coffee, the processing technology of oat milk is very important. The micron-level grinding technology is used in the oat milk grinding process. This can maintain the delicate taste of the milk and release the rich aroma of wheat and plant nutrition. On the other hand, the brand-new enzymatic hydrolysis technology extract the “essence” from oat grains by special enzyme preparations, this can make product have a milk-like creamy texture

Quality is the foundation of the product. In order to maintain the quality of plant milk, the enterprises adopt an advanced automatic aseptic filling production line. Because they can make the quality of oat milk fresher and more stable. Before the finished plant milk is packaged, there is also a metal detection device to ensure that the product is clean and free of foreign matter during the production process. Quality are guaranteed.

Packaging Technology of Coffee

In the context of the rapid expansion of the domestic coffee consumer market and the increasing popularity of “plant milk + coffee”, plant milks such as oat milk are becoming popular in coffee shops, as well as a direction of product innovation for coffee companies. In addition to the product innovation, coffee companies pay more and more attention to the packaging and processing technology. Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd offers a wide array of packaging equipment for both whole bean and ground coffee. Such as, semi-automatic coffee packaging machines, VFFS packaging machines, PFS packaging machine. Meanwhile, VTOPS is also continuously increasing the research and development of coffee filling packaging production line technology and equipment.

Packaging can make or break a coffee product’s success, especially in the retail market. Here is not only the trendy literary coffee consumers, but also ordinary coffee consumers are more inclined to good-looking packaging. The right packaging ensures the coffee maintains its flavor profile and freshness throughout the supply chain, and it creates strong shelf appeal—encouraging new trials and repeat customers. So, how to get your coffee into the optimal packaging, you need to select the right packaging machine. But how do you know which coffee packaging equipment is best for your roaster?

A number of considerations should factor into the packaging machine decision. Typically, those considerations vary based on where you are in your journey as a roaster.

In addition, VTOPS offer all types of ancillary equipment like augers and volumetric fillers, scales and conveyors for complete, automated packaging solutions.

Economical or Semi-automatic Packaging

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd offers a wide array of packaging equipment for both whole bean and ground coffee. Coffee (and tea) manufacturers choose VTOPS packaging machines for their ease of use, durability, and speeds necessary for packaging coffee, tea, and cannibis-infused products. Although semi-automatic coffee packaging technology has been popular for decades, it is still indispensable because it represents economy and practicality.

VTOPS provides at least 3 types of semi-automatic coffee powder filling machines to choose from.

Most of start out packaging coffee manually, filling pre-formed bags and sealing them by hand. It’s a viable option when your volume is relatively low. A video is following to reference:

That is a 3m conveyor belt in video, you can equip with 2 sets of coffee packaging machines or more according to your choice. If you fill the bag, then you will most likely need a vertical sealing machine, and finally the conveyor belt will send them to the collection table.

Of course, if you fill into a jar, you may need an aluminum foil sealer. This aluminum foil sealing machine will be placed in the position of the sealing machine.

VFFS Automated Packaging Technology

But as you grow and expand, this manual process becomes labor-intensive and costly. Eventually, your current process won’t provide the capacity you need—and adding more labor isn’t economically feasible.

When you’re ready to move to automated packaging, it’s time to look for a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine. VFFS machines efficiently turn printed rollstock into formed coffee bags or pouches, fill them to precise weight specifications, and seal them—creating an attractive, crisply-cornered package that stands up well on retail shelves and stands out from the crowd.

Advantages of VFFS packaging machine are the following:

  • Lower cost to entry
  • Ability to make both simple and complex bag styles
  • Tried, tested, and proven technologies
  • Occupies a minimal amount of floorspace
  • High speeds achievable
  • Operation & Speeds

Basically, a VFFS coffee bagging packaging machine uses a special former to create coffee bags from a large roll of packaging film (called rollstock), fills the newly formed bags with coffee, and seals them shut. These actions take place very quickly. Anyway, the speeds are largely dependent on machine construction and your product.

PFS Automated Packaging Technology

PFS pick-fill-seal packaging machiner is mainly used for pre-made bags. VTOPS mostly uses a circular turntable type PFS packaging machine. Rotary pick fill seal packaging machines perform their operations in a circular fashion, requiring less floorspace as their starting point is right next to their endpoint.

Rotary machines are the most popular fill and seal equipment in the coffee industry for the following reasons:

  • Lower cost to entry
  • Maximizes available plant floorspace
  • More ergonomic design for operators
  • Operation & Speeds

The PFS packaging machine type only filling and sealing the pre-made bags. It does not form them. Premade pouches must be pre-purchased from a film supplier. Premade coffee bags are loaded into a magazine and feeding into the machine where they are gripped one-by-one, opened, filled with coffee, and sealed.

The bag packaging machine manufactured by VTOPS has 10 stations. In addition to the normal necessary workflows such as date printing, filling, sealing and others. You can add a spoon to the bag according to your needs to facilitate the user’s better use. Or flush with nitrogen to extend the shelf life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Should I choose the most advanced coffee packaging technology?

    A: It is not difficult to see that fully automatic packaging equipment such as VFFS packaging machine and PFS packaging machine is a huge investment for a small business. First of all, you need to know whether your packaging speed will exceed 30 bags per minute? And whether you need to expand later. In addition, are the labor costs of workers in your country expensive?
    In other words, the suitable is the best, and the semi-automatic coffee packaging machine also have the latest packaging machine technology. It is also available to packaging any style you want.

  • Q2: What is a doy package? And is it used in the coffee industry?

    A: Doypacks are stand-up pouches with an oval-shaped base. This bag type is growing in popularity for packaging premium products in many industries, including coffee, powder supplements and snacks.

  • Q3: What is the most efficient way to packaging the milk coffee?

    A: Whether filling a bag with ground coffee or with whole beans, the hand-packing or semi-automtaic coffee packaging is the most economical choice. Anyway, using automated packaging equipment such as VFFS packaging machine or PFS packaging machine to produce any coffee bag type means improving productivity, increasing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Meanwhile the automaticed packaging will maximizing profit, which in the long run reduces the cost of producing the finished product.

  • Q4: What is the best way to package coffee?

    A: We suggest investing in a packaging process that incorporates the use of use MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) technology, such as on-package valves, the go-to option for extending the shelf life of fresh items. Most often used in the coffee industry, these special valves can be added to premade bags or to rollstock film during the packaging process. So the coffee has longer shelf life and still tastes good.

  • Q5: Should coffee beans be packaged within the first few hours of roasting?

    A: It depends. The coffee packaging process varies depending on the product offered. The characteristics of a specific roasted flavor aren’t permanently fixed to coffee beans. Flavors can disappear and beans can become stale if exposed to air. Thus, freshness and flavor are directly related to proper packaging and storage duration. However, freshly roasted beans require different amounts of time to degas. Darker roasts, for example, have more carbon dioxide to release than slow roasted beans. This dependence on various process parameters and product specifics makes it important for manufacturers to think about their packing methods. When beans ARE ready to be packaged, do not waste time. That’s when packaging production and speed come into play, and when an automated packaging machine can be a great asset.


Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou of Henan province. We have a self-build 40,000 square meter modern production factory [4]. VTOPS design and manufacturing various packaging machines, such as, auger filling machine, vertical form fill seal packing machine, pick fill seal packing machine, labeling machine and other packaging machines.

We have a number of product trademarks, proprietary technology patents, CE certification. Besides, we are making great efforts to develop new products and new technology to meet different requirements. We have excellent teams who focus on product development & design, quality control & inspection and company running. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service. Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.

We encourage you to bring needs to us and give us the opportunity to provide you with exactly what you need.

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