Empty Container Sterilizing Machine

Empty Container Sterilizing Machine | VTOPS-SM-EC2

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Non-magnetic Empty Container Sterilizing Machine | VTOPS-SM-EC2

The non-magnetic empty container sterilizing machine integrated two functions that is air-cleanning and UV-lamp steriliing in one machine. Widely used in various round empty containers, such as: milk powder tin cans, tin cans, plastic cans, paper cans, plastic jars, etc.


  • 1. Non-magnetic to clean the cans, completely remove metal impurities. Overcome the shortcoming of strong magnetic can’t clean up all the rubbish.
  • 2. The container cleaning and UV disinfection in one machine. The advantage is avoid the secondary pollution when the disinfection and cleaning is separated.
  • 3. 304 stainless steel and plexiglass.
  • 4. The unique three-dimensional space design, reduces the floor space.
  • 5. Meets the high standards GMP workshop.
  • 6. It often equipped in the milk powder filling line.

Technical Parameters:

Speed 10-45 cans/min
Cans Specificatiomn φ75-150mm H:80-200mm
BLB 25W × 7pcs
Air Pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa
Dimension 2500*1510*2450mm
Voltage AC Single-phase 220V
Power 1.1KW(including vacuum,hair dryer)
Machine Weight 200 kg
Standard Export Package Size 870*900*1450 mm