VTOPS Has Approved for Resumption of Work on March 12

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VTOPS Has Approved for Resumption of Work on March 12.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, VTOPS actively did some effective work to prevent the company’s personnel from gathering. And extend the date to return to work during the Spring Festival holiday.

Under the premise of strict prevention of epidemic prevention, VTOPS has passed the on-line approval process which it is following.

VTOPS Has Been Approved for Resumption of Work on February 12

It marks that VTOPS is in compliance with the resumption of work.

Scientific Epidemic Prevention, Orderly Manner

As of March 13, 2020, VTOPS has basically resumed work, with a resumption rate close to 90%. Take multiple measures are the following to keep work resumption:
  • 1. Build up prevention and control lines for anti-epidemic materials. Actively prepare materials for epidemic prevention and control, such as masks, alcohol, and disinfectants.
  • 2. Fully disinfected. Comprehensive disinfection of all public places such as offices, workshops, warehouses, canteens, restaurants, shuttle buses, etc., and strict registration and review of each company’s access personnel.
  • 3. Strengthen publicity and training. In addition, organize employees to conduct training on epidemic prevention and control knowledge and production safety training on-line to make full preparations to ensure that employees return to work safely and securely.

Staff Management

  • 1. Totally closed management. Firstly, incoming personnel need to register one day in advance for reporting. At the same time, the inbound and outbound vehicles are classified, managed and delivery; shuttle buses and private cars come in and out from different entrances.
  • 2. Body temperature check. Secondly, all personnel entering and leaving the factory must take a temperature measurement. They can enter if without any abnormal symptoms, on the other hand wearing a mask as required.
  • 3. Strengthen the workplace ventilation. In addition, organize employees to conduct online training of epidemic prevention knowledge and safe production, and make full preparations to ensure that employees return to work safely and securely.
  • 4. AI Pass. The entrance and exit both set with “entering and exiting QR codes”. All passing personnel need to scan the code to enter and exit. Otherwise, you will fail to accept.
Factory of VTOPS
Factory of VTOPS

Work Resumption is Only the First Step

Resumption to work is only the first step. For VTOPS, there are still many difficulties to overcome in order to fully resume production. Zhang Feng said that after the resumption of work, our company may still face several major problems are the following:
  • 1. Supplier issue. There are problems with the supply of raw materials and equipment components produced by some companies now. While even in the hard time, we keep a competitive price for all customers.
  • 2. Employee isolation issues. Due to epidemic prevention and control, staffs who returned to work outside need to isolated, which will also have a certain impact on time. Here, thanks for all staffs’ active cooperation.
  • 3. Logistic issue. For exported products, as well as domestic orders for domestic sales, transportation takes longer than ever. The officers in production department arrange the packing in advance to reduce the shipping time.
  • 4. Travel problems for technical staff. Good product, after sale is the most important. After some of products delivered, technicians need to debug on site. At the same time, we are united to help customers to solve problems. Such as, engineers are 24 hours on-line for technical assistant. Send testing videos and install videos for a clear operation.

Overseas Orders Delivered on Schedule

VTOPS are grateful to customers from the United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, and Indonesia for placed orders to VTOPS during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is the best proof of the quality of our products. Among them,

  • 1. The United Kingdom customer:
    Ordered a milk powder filling canning line. And have more cooperation in the future. The expected delivery time is April 15.
  • 2. The Finnish customer:
    This is the second order of semi-automatic auger filler after 2017. The machine will take off from Zhengzhou Airport to the Airport of Helsinki of Finland on March 16, 2020, due to this is an urgent order.
  • 3. The Norway customer:
    This is a customized order. Vtops responded in the shortest time and have already delivered this order.


Finally, it is undeniable that the epidemic situation will have a short-term impact on the resumption of work and production. But the key is that we should do a good job of information disclosure, actively respond to ourselves, and 100% resumption of work as soon as possible.
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