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An Economical Solution for How to Dosing Filling Small Doser Dry Powder

Micro Doser Auger Filler is the Economical Solution for Dosing Filling Small Doser Dry Powder

Micro doser auger filler is an economical, versatile, semi-automatic powder filler solution for low-mid volume powder filling. It is your solution for fast, flexible, powder dispensing into all types of vials, pouches, bottles and jars. Micro-doser auger filler designed to dispense ultra-precise accuracy, and fill sizes ranging from 1 gram to 50 grams.


  • 1). Economical
  • 2). Low-Mid volume filling
  • 3). 304 stainless steel product contact parts
  • 4). Reliable
  • 5). Upgradable
  • 6). Adjustable of Auger Speed
  • 7). From 1 gram to 50 grams

In addition, for customers who are filled into containers such as bottles or cans, if the diameter of the container is small, the ordinary auger tube cannot be directly inserted into the container. We have a new solution as shown:
Narrowing outlet equipped on micro doser auger filler
The spout of the auger tube adds a narrowing outlet to assist the filling.

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