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VFFS Packaging Machine

A VFFS vertical form fill seal packing machine is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system, commonly used in the packaging industry for food, and a wide variety of other products.Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd founded in 2001, is located in Zhengzhou of China. We have a self-build 40,000 square meter modern production factory. The company design and manufacturing various packaging machines, such as: auger filling machine, vertical form fill seal packing machine, pick fill seal packing machine and other packaging machines.

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1, Features

  • 1. The new design, beautiful appearance, the structure is more reasonable, more advanced technology.
  • 2. English and Chinese screen display. PLC control, servo motor, very easy to operate. Do not need to stop machine to adjust any parameters.
  • 3. Fully automatic bag forming, dosing Filling, sealing, coding, conveying, counting can be finished in one operation, most labor-saving equipment.
  • 4. High quality stainless steel, suitable for GMP, good for food packaging with high standard.
  • 5. Horizontal, vertical temperature control, suitable for various of mix film, PE film packing material.
  • 6. Pocket diversification, can provide customers with pillow bags, angled bags, hanging-hole bags, vertical bags, punched bags, etc.
  • 7. A variety of automatic alarming protective function, maximum limit to reduce wear and tear.
  • 8. Double sever motors, drawing film position accurately, and the speed is faster.
  • 9. Temperature independent control system, precision get to ±1°C.

Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine | VTOPS-VFFS

Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine | VTOPS-VFFS

2, Technical Parameters

  • Packing Speed
  • Bag Length
  • Bag Width
  • Film Roll Diameter
  • Filling Range
  • Film Width
  • Film Thickness
  • Air Consumption
  • Voltage
  • Power
  • Machine Dimensions
  • Machine Weight
  • VFFS -320 VFFS
  • 5-70bags/min
  • 50-200mm
  • 50-150mm
  • Max.320mm
  • 50-800ml
  • Max. 320mm
  • 0.04-0.12mm
  • 0.3m3/min 0.65MPa
  • AC220V 50Hz
  • 2.0kw
  • 117*82*129cm
  • 350kg
  • VFFS -420 VFFS
  • 5-60bags/min
  • 80-300mm
  • 50-200mm
  • Max.320mm
  • 150-1200ml
  • Max. 420mm
  • 0.04-0.12mm
  • 0.3m3/min 0.65MPa
  • AC220V 50Hz
  • 2.2kw
  • 132*95*136cm
  • 550kg
  • VFFS -520 VFFS
  • 5-50bags/min
  • 100-400mm
  • 100-250mm
  • Max.320mm
  • 200-2000ml
  • Max. 520mm
  • 0.04-0.12mm
  • 0.4m3/min 0.65MPa
  • AC220V 50Hz
  • 4kw
  • 149*108*149cm
  • 750kg
  • VFFS-720 VFFS
  • 5-40bags/min
  • 100-450mm
  • 100-350mm
  • Max.320mm
  • 250-4000ml
  • Max. 720mm
  • 0.04-0.12mm
  • 0.4m3/min 0.65MPa
  • AC220V 50Hz
  • 4.5kw
  • 172*126*182cm
  • 850kg

3, Measurement Method

4, Applications

Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine (VFFS) is used for packing many different products:
3.1 Food Industry: peanuts, popcorn, jelly, data, garlic, beans, grains, soybeans, pistachios, walnuts, rice, corn, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, coffee beans, potato chips, banana chips, plantain chips, chocolate ball, shrimp, sweet candy, sugar, tea, herbs, Chinese medicine, puffed food, dry food, frozen food, frozen vegetables, frozen pea, frozen fish ball, frozen pie, and other granule products.
3.2 Pet Food Industry: dog food, bird food, cat food, fish food, poultry food and etc.
3.3 Hardware Industry: plastic pipe elbows, wire nails, bolts and nuts, buckles, wire connectors, screws and other construction products.

Model Explanation of Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine (VFFS)

5, Video Gallery

1. Milk Powder VFFS Packing Machine

This is a video of VFFS-320 machine packaging dry milk powder, which is measuring by auger filler.

2. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

This is a small vertical packaging machine, usually used for packaging film width less than 280 mm, or bag width less than 10 cm.

3. VTOPS Verified by TÜV Rheinland of Year 2021

Verified by TÜV Rheinland, VTOPS is assessed, certified, authenticated and/or inspected by TÜV Rheinland.

4. Whey Protein PFS Packaging Machine

(Maybe You Like) Whey Protein Powder High Accuracy Powdered Milk Auger Packing Machine with Fill-by-Weight System.

5. Milk Powder Tin Can Canning Line

(Maybe You Like) Auto Milk Powder Filling Canning Seaming Production Line for Metal Tin Can | Tin Packing Machine

6. VTOPS Factory Show

We show you our production workshop through aerial photography.

6, Optional Function

1. Punching device for round hole or Euro slot.
2. Linking bag device
3. Stand bag device, for plug in at bag bottom.
4. Servo motor on horizontal sealing parts.
5. Special device if you use single layer PE film.
6. Nitrogen inflation device.

7, Other Devices:

1. Metal detector
2. Weight checker
3. Nitrogen generator
4. Finish product conveyorHow is the working of Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine (VFFS)?

8, How to choose right VFFS machine?

Pls tell us following points to choose a right model packing machine:
1. What product will you pack?
2. How many gram and volume in each bag?
3. What bag shape you want to get?
4. What is bag width and bag length?
5. What bag material do you want to use?

9, Product Showcase

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