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Pocket Volumetric Cup filler is an economical alternative for volumetric dosing and filling the free-flowing[1] dry products. Such as beans, salt, refined sugar, rice, and nuts.

The efficiency and economy are its irreplaceable advantages. The principle is relatively straightforward if you imagine dipping the volumetric pocket cup right into an item and then leveling it with a straight-edged blade. If the density of your material is uniform and the volume of the measuring cup remains the same, the weight in each measuring cup will be almost the same. Then the materials will discharge or release to the bagging machine or packaging machine from the bottom of the volumetric pocket cup.

Pocket Volumetric Cup filler is available to integrate not only on the bagging machine but also on the packaging machine or the filling production line.

Cup Filler

Cup Filler

Integration and application on VFFS

VFFS with Volumetric Cup Filler for Grains

VFFS with Volumetric Cup Filler for Grains

Rotary Volumetric Cup Filler Machine Integration and application on VFFS.

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