Why the Vacuum Capping Machine Improves Chili Sauce Quality?

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Why the Vacuum Capping Machine is Available to Ensure Chili Sauce Quality?

You must have seen the chili sauce was filled in all kinds of glass bottles, but do you know why and how it is filling in glass bottles? This article will take you to a preliminary solution.

1, Market Size of Chili Sauce

In recent years, a series of chili products derived from chili peppers, such as chili noodles, chili oil, chopped peppers, etc., became popular in the market, and chili sauce is a kind of local flavor delicacy that every household always prepares.

The typical chili sauces on the market are mainly oil sauce and water sauce. The oil chili sauce is made of sesame oil and chili. The color is bright red with a layer of sesame oil floating on it, easy to store. The water chili sauce is made of water and chili. Adding garlic, ginger, sugar, salt, and people can store for a long time. It tastes more delicious.

Chili Sauce Filled Bottle
Chili Sauce Filled Bottle

More and more people present “no spicy no happy” in their diet, the chili sauce market is rapidly “heating up.” The market size of China’s chili sauce industry has grown from 32.4 billion yuan in 2017 to 37.3 billion yuan in 2020. The average annual compound growth rate is up to 4.8%; The size of the sauce market has reached approximately 39 billion yuan[1].

You must have seen the chili sauce filled in all kinds of glass bottles, but do you know why it is filling in glass bottle?

2, Why Most of Chili Sauce Packaged in Glass Bottle

Actually, the glass chili sauce bottles are a classic packaging option and keep condiments from potential chemical leaching. Using glass food bottles also helps preserve the distinct aromas of spice-rich foods like hot sauce. Since glass packaging is non-porous, it won’t absorb flavors either, keeping the chili sauce full length of shelf life.

On the other hand, as people’s food safety awareness increases, they have a higher requirement for product quality. So, the companies should pay attention to the food safety control as advance, and they strengthen quality management in the production process to ensure product quality and brand honor. Therefore, the chili sauce packaged in a glass bottle is also the customer’s choice.

People usually package sauce in glass bottles in the market, making transport, sell and storing easier. Therefore, more and more manufactures use glass bottle vacuum capping machines to guarantee the safety of chili sauce production because it has the functions of cap loading, vacuum, capping, bottle conveying, etc.

3, Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine of  Chili Sauce

3.1 Concept

Vacuum capping machine generally refers to equipment used for screwing and vacuum capping packaging of glass bottles and tinplate. The glass bottles or jars mouth have thread. The lid material is usually tinplate, with the same number of buckles as the corresponding bottle mouth thread.
There are three, four, and six buckle caps because of different bottle mouth diameter standards They matches the corresponding glass bottle. Why use the glass jar vacuum capping machine for this kind of glass bottle with tinplate packaging? Because the packaging container can maintain a vacuum and the container is rigid enough, otherwise it will collapse.
On the other hand, the lid must have enough sealant in order to fasten firmly with the bottle. The aim is to keep the vacuum in the bottle for a long time. Glass bottle vacuum capping machine has a wide range of applications. It can vacuum and cap various bottled products, such as chili sauce bottles, cans, food, high-end health products, etc.

3.2 Working Principle

As its name implies, the vacuum capping machine of chili sauce is to first evacuate the air in the bottle before capping. In the absence of bacterial contamination in the air, the product can extend its shelf life of the product.

3.3 The Production Process

Semi-Automatic Twist off Cap Vacuum Capping Machine | VTOPS-CS-V:

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine of Chili Sauce
Semi-Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine of Chili Sauce

Place the bottles or jars with lids on the workbench where the operator is comfortable. Then turn on the power, switch on the device panel, and place the bottles with the lid on the tray in the vacuum chamber. When the vacuum chamber value reaches the set value, the capping and capping actions will start automatically. When reach the set torque, the torsion feedback signal, the cylinder automatically opens and returns to the highest point by the spring force. Then manually remove the sealed jar, and continue to the next jar

Automatic Twist off Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine | VTOPS-C-V:

Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine of Chili Sauce
Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine of Chili Sauce

Twist off glass jar vacuum capping machine is used for tinplate caps vacuuming and capping in glass jars. It integrates automatic caps arrangement, automatic caps loading, automatic vacuuming and automatic capping into one machine. When there is no bottle, there will be no caps sending. When there is lack of caps, the machine will have an automatic alarm and it also has other functions. The jar enters from the left side, the sensor will detect it. When the previous jar finish, the conveyor belt will push the jar to the bottom of the cylinder. The push ring clamps and positions the jar, the cylinder lowers to complete the vacuum and capping action and reset. The conveyor belt transports the capped jar to the right side, and the vacuum capping works complete

3.4 Advantages of Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine

1. Extend product shelf life: People prefer many green foods without preservatives and additives. In order to keep the products longer, manufacture not only need to work hard on the craft, but also the packaging. VTOPS glass jar vacuum capping machine is a great assistant in solving this f packaging. The vacuum capping machine evacuates the air in the bottle before capping. In the absence of bacterial contamination in the air, the product can extend the shelf life
2. Low damage rate. It is cylinder that drives the clamping device and the cap-fitting device of the glass bottle. When in use, through reasonable design and adjustable output force configuration, all actions are non-rigid. This will not damage the bottle
3. Leak-proof.Shopping online has become a habit for a large number of people. Not only clothes and daily necessities, but also pickles, canned food and other foods. In the case of long-distance transportation, the product packaging become important, and the lid with poor capping may leak oil; Vtops glass jar vacuum capping machine can solve this problem

As the unique processes of bottled commodity packaging, the vacuum capping machine has outstanding advantages and quality control. So it has a good performance in the process of commodity packaging. In order to help the sauce manufacture to develop a broader space and market, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd has made continuous efforts to propose more advanced sauce packaging solutions.

4, Servo Pump Viscous Liquid Piston Filling Machine

For sauce food manufacturers, automatic food packaging machinery can improve production efficiency and ensure food safety. The production line includes an automatic servo pump viscous liquid piston filling machine and an automatic glass jar vacuum capping machine. And, the details of the servo pump viscous liquid piston filling machine is following:

Servo Pump Liquid Filling Machine
Servo Pump Liquid Filling Machine

With the continuous progress of production technology, automatic packaging equipment has become more and more popular for food manufactures. As a leader in the intelligent packaging industry, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. are always strengthening product research and development investment, strengthening after-sales guarantee, and helping more enterprises realize automatic production


Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd has a self-build 40,000 square meter modern production factory [2]. We design and manufacture various packaging machines, such as servo piston filling machines, auger filling machines, vertical form fill seal packing machines, labeling machines, and other packaging machines.

We have several product trademarks, proprietary technology patents, CE certification. Besides, we are making great efforts to develop new products and technology to meet different requirements. We have excellent teams who focus on product development & design, quality control & inspection, and company running—dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service. Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We encourage you to bring your needs to us and allow us to provide you with precisely what you need.

Data Sources and Links

  • [1]Related data is from China Commercial Industry Research Institute (Chinese Version)
  • [2]: More information about our factory, please visit: https://www.vtops.com/3d/

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