Precision Auger Filler Machines: Accutek AF-1 VS VTOPS-P6

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Both the Accutek Auger Filler AF-1 and VTOPS-P6 Auger Filler are machines designed to fill a variety of dry products, including powders, granules, and spices. Here are some key differences between the two auger filling machines:

Model Accutek Auger Filler AF-1 VTOPS-P6 Auger Filler
Image Accutekpackaging Auger Filler AF-1 Vtops Machinery Auger Filler VTOPS-P6
Manufacturer Accutek Packaging Vtops Machinery
HMI 7" Color LCD Touch Screen
Control System PLC
Filling Motor Servo driven Servo driven
Filling Capacity Up to 20 CPM Up to 50 CPM
Filled Counter
Contact Materials Sanitary stainless steel 304 Stainless Steel
Hopper Volume 5 Gallon (19 Liters) 13.2 Gallon (50 Liters)
Monitorable Hopper
Easy Clean Hopper
Adjustable Height
Heavy Duty Base
Bulk Elevator Feeder Optional Optional
Machine Weight Approx. ~430 lbs. (195 kg) Approx. 200 kg
Voltage AC Single-phase 220V AC Single-phase 220V
Not only the comparison in the above table, they have more differences are the following:


The Accutek Auger Filler AF-1 has a filling capacity of up to 1,200 containers per hour, while the VTOPS-P6 Auger Filler has a higher capacity of up to 3,000 containers per hour, here has a video on YouTube for reference.

Filling Accuracy:

The VTOPS-P6 Auger Filler not only equipped with a high-precision load cell and also with a patented Fill-by-Weight system to ensure accurate and consistent filling. While the Accutek Auger Filler AF-1 uses a timer-based filling system that may not be as precise.


The VTOPS-P6 Auger Filler is designed with a flexible auger system that allows it to handle a wide range of products, including free-flowing powders and non-free-flowing granules. The Accutek Auger Filler AF-1, on the other hand, is better suited for free-flowing powders and granules.


The VTOPS-P6 Auger Filler features a touch screen control panel with easy-to-use functions and a user-friendly interface, while the Accutek Auger Filler AF-1 has a simpler control panel that may not be as intuitive.

Overall, both machines are high-quality auger fillers that are designed to meet the needs of various industries. The choice between the two ultimately depends on specific requirements and preferences, such as filling capacity, filling accuracy, product flexibility, and user-friendliness.

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