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Glue labeling machines and self-adhesive sticker labeling machines are both used to apply labels to products.
Self-adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine
Self-adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine
However they work in different ways and have some key differences are the following:

Adhesive Type

The main difference between the two machines is the type of adhesive used on labels. Glue labeling machines use cold liquid glue or hot melt glue to apply labels to products, while self-adhesive sticker labeling machines use pre-glued labels with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Label Material

Glue labeling machine are suitable for labeling paper, plastic, metal and glass containers. Whereas self-adhesive sticker labeling machine can be used to label a wider range of materials including plastics, metal, glass, and cardboard.

Label Application

Glue labeling machine apply the label by rolling it onto the product and then using a brush or roller to apply the glue. Self-adhesive sticker labeling machine apply the label by peeling it off a backing paper and then using pressure to stick it onto the product.


Self-adhesive sticker labeling machines are generally faster than glue labeling machines, as they can apply labels more quickly and efficiently. For roll-to-roll sticker labeling machines, the speed tested by VTOPS can reach up to 120 bottles per minute.


Glue labeling machines require more maintenance than self-adhesive sticker labeling machines due to the use of liquid or hot melt glue. Because of glue can clog the machine and require regular cleaning.

Label Cost

Labels used in self-adhesive sticker labeling machines are typically more expensive than labels used in glue labeling machines. This is because the pre-glued labels used in self-adhesive machine are more complex to produce and require specialized equipment.

Label Placement

Glue labeling machine can apply labels to the full circumference of a product, while self-adhesive sticker labeling machine has a wider range of applications. Such as cylinders, planes, cones, grooves, etc. This makes self-adhesive sticker labeling machine more versatile for labeling different types of containers and products.

Label Durability

Self-adhesive labels are generally more durable than glue-applied labels, as they can withstand exposure to moisture and other environmental factors. Glue-applied labels may come off or become damaged over time, especially if the product is exposed to water or heat.

Label Precision

Glue labeling machines can apply labels with greater precision than self-adhesive sticker labeling machines. This is because glue labels can be adjusted for proper alignment and orientation, which is especially important for products with complex shapes or designs.

Recyclability and Robustness

Common wet labels are used in recyclable beer glass bottles and beverage glass bottles. Usually, these bottles can be recycled and sterilized for refilling products. Due to the wet glue labels can peel off quickly from bottles after contact with water, which reduces the difficulty of recycling. Self-adhesive labels are very sticky and stable and difficult to remove very cleanly. From the perspective of returnable glass bottles, wet labels are environmentally friendly, while self-adhesive labels are robust. In summary, the choice between glue labeling machines and self-adhesive sticker labeling machines ultimately depends on the specific needs of the product being labeled. Self-adhesive machine are faster and easier to use, but are limited in terms of recyclability. Glue labeling machine offer more versatility, precision and durability, but require more maintenance and may be more time-consuming to use. If you are confused about how to choose when buying labeling machine, please contact VTOPS team to help you provide useful advice.

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