One Option for Flexible Packaging Is Provided By the Doypack

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One Option for Flexible Packaging Is Provided By the Doypack

Doypack packaging is an example of a flexible packaging solution and has seen a surge in demand in recent years. The doypack pouch consists of three or more layers of very thin and flexible film. Most included a layer of plastic film, a layer of aluminum film, and a layer other laminated materials. The multi-layer film composite property makes it often used for food goods. It is an excellent option for items that must to stored in a cold environment (like a refrigerator or freezer). In addition to being simple to use, doypack packaging is available to modify the layers of film to meet the specific requirements of your goods.

In addition, this packaging has several characteristics and advantages that make it an appealing ideal choice for packaging various goods. As a result, we will explain in this post what doypack packaging is and its characteristics, advantages, and practical applications.

Definition of Doypack Packaging

Doypacks are a kind of flexible packaging has the ability to maintain an upright position all by itself. To be more specific, the item, which is sometimes referred to as a pouch, has a bottom that is hermetically sealed to make certain that it will not topple over. This product is the answer to your prayers if you are looking for a method to display your bulk or loose items in a manner that is more organised.

Stand-up Pouch Doypack with Zipper and Hanging Hole
Stand-up Pouch Doypack with Zipper and Hanging Hole

This kind of packaging is constructed using a plastic sheet that is very thin and flexible. A rip notch that is simple to use allows the package to be sealed at the top. After the product has been packaged, it should be kept in a dry and cold location for storage.

Moreover, Doypacks are often used for the packaging of food goods. They are an excellent option for items that need to maintained in cold environments, such as refrigerators or freezers. This kind of packaging may also be modified to meet the requirements of your goods in a unique way.

Brief Background on the Origins of Doypack

Louis Doyen, a French inventor and the head of the Thimmonnier Company, trademarked the Doypack name and design for his company’s Doy type bag in 1963[1]. The yearly sales of Doypack pouches, according to Thimmonnier, have increased to about $40 billion. Doyens, on the other hand, are made by glueing together two flat sheets and then folding the resulting sheet into a ‘W’ at the bottom. When the pouch is filled, the “W” opens up to support the weight of the items within. Because of its revolutionary ability to stay upright, this pouch design is now widely available under the brand name “stand-up pouch“.

Stand-up Pouch Doypack
Stand-up Pouch Doypack

Packaging Digest states that Taiwanese engineer Wayne Chang developed a new kind of stand-up pouch by using a tube as the main structure and heat-sealing not one but two gussets, one at the top and one at the bottom.

This bag style could maintain its stability even when empty, unlike many other stand-up Doypack bags, which tend to topple over while just partly packed. Meanwhile, the S-Pouch, sometimes called a Double Doypack bag, is a special kind of pouch distinguish by its two-way zipper. The zipper doypack pouch packaging is mostly a very common form of packaging today.

Stand-up Pouch Doypack with Zipper
Stand-up Pouch Doypack with Zipper

Doypack Bag Industry Application Developments

Animal nourishment

Pet owners are increasingly interested in offering their animals gourmet and fresh foods in smaller packages. They prefer smaller doypack bag package alternatives to the massive paper-walled bags of kibble.
The smaller doypack provides a more robust barrier against moisture, contaminants, and pests. And flexible packaging solutions contribute to a longer product shelf life. Doggie bags and treat containers are becoming more compact and sometimes shaped in novel ways. It providing pet owners with an attractive and convenient method to try out new product varieties. Daypacks are also being utilized for single-serve and portion-controlled meals.

Cases for liquids

Soups and sauces, and other liquid foods, were traditionally packaged in glass bottles and metal cans. Rigid packing forms provide more protection against breakage and other hazards, but they are more difficult and expensive to move and store. Stand-up pouches nowadays generally include pour spouts and other fittings that enable pouring liquids more easier and safer than the flexible packaging systems of yesteryear. Additionally, condiments, salad dressings, and edible oils have all benefited from the rise in popularity of doypack packaging.

Packaging for food

Snacks should come in resealable, lightweight, and convenient packaging that allows for convenient on-the-go consumption. Doypack bags are good barriers against rotting due to the structure of the multilayer composite films. And their efficiency will not diminish even after the product has been withdrawn from the packing and resealed. Also, in a crowded marketplace, snack packaging that stands out is more likely to catch the eye (and the wallet) of a harried consumer.
The fact that Doypacks can stand on their own without being stacked makes them a valuable marketing tool.

Pick Filler Seal Packing Machines for Doypack

Doypacks are rapidly turning into one of the most well-liked styles of bags on the market nowadays. As a consequence of this, there is a broad range of packaging equipment available on the market. Such as the pick fill seal (PFS) types of equipment potentially automate the packaging of this specific sort of bag.

Doypack Packing Machine
Pick Fill Seal Packaging Machine With Double Auger Doser | VTOPS-PFS

Currently, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies that want to give their products a more upscale and specialized appearance are ordering premade Doypacks. Then investing in automated pouch packing technology to finish the packaging process. This is done to give their products a more upscale and specialized appearance. These doypack packaging machines are simple to set up and use and can swiftly adjust to various pouch sizes. And also generate an end result that is both more aesthetically pleasing and more functional.
Although the idea of doypack packaging has been around for some time. But the relatively recent that automated technology has made it possible to package this kind of pouch. The doypack may become one of the most popular kinds of pouches available on the market as the packaging industry continues progressing towards increasing degrees of automation. Get in touch with the staff at Vtops Machinery if your company requires flexible packaging of any kind of pre-made pouches, including doypack packaging or any other kind. We have a diverse selection of packaging equipment and are here to assist you in locating the most suitable option for your company.

Doypack Pick Fill Seal Packing Machine
Pick Fill Seal Packaging Machine | VTOPS-PFS


There is an increase in doypack use for a variety of reasons. In addition to being a significant commodity for businesses, its resealable design and stand-up construction make it a favourite among customers. It is also effective at preventing the entry of moisture, airborne pathogens, and pests. Then, the experts at VTOPS can provide you with Doypacks and other flexible packaging options. Depending on your business’s demands, we can help you choose the appropriate packing equipment from our wide selection.

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