Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine | VTOPS-CNF-160

Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine | VTOPS-CNF-160

Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Flying fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for marking code on the surface of all kinds of product surface or the outer packaging in production line. The products flowing and marking code in the production line without stop in the marking process, thus greatly improves the production efficiency.

The marking machine suitable for the requirements of industrial production line which covers all applications of inkjet coding machine. But better than inkjet coding machine, because of the ink is a consumable whcih is not easy to transport.

At present, the marking machine has been widely used in milk powder can filling line.


1. Features:

  • 1) Advanced laser generator, stable marking.
  • 2) High speed galvo scanner, 20% speed up.
  • 3) Small characters are acceptable to marking and accurately.
  • 4) Convenient, flexible, eco-friendly.
  • 5) Low power consumption.
  • 6) Customization is available.
  • 7) Air cooling system, free mantenance.
  • 8) Supports continuous 24-hour work load.
  • 9) Compact structure,Easy to install and operate.

2. Technical Parameters

Product Name Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Modeal VTOPS-CNF-160
Laser Type Fiber Laser
Power Output As per materials
Marking Area [1] 100mmx100mm
Marking Speed ≤ 9000 m/s
Frequency of Pluse 20~80 KHz
Repeated Accuracy ≤ 1 um
Laser Wavelength 1064nm (±10)
Marking Depth ≤0.2mm (Depends on materials)
Mini Line Width 0.01mm
Mini Line Characters 0.2mm
Voltage AC Single-phase 220V
Cooling Air cooling
Operation Temperature 10~35°C

* [1]: Optional Marking Area: 175mmx175mm; 200mmx200mm; 250mmx250mm;300mmx300mm.