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Automatic Double Sides Labeling Machine for Front & Back

Automatic double sides labeling machine used for any types of containers. Such as: round container, square container, oval container and so on.
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  • 1. All-cover stainless steel of host machine: the whole machine is waterproof as well as rustproof.
  • 2. Cutter adjustable: uniquely cyclotron cut-off, the cutter with a long service life.
  • 3. Single positioning center guide pillar: a more stable for label delivery.
  • 4. Synchronous bottle divider: a more stable transmission for bottle.
  • 5. Bottom set of label brush: a more precision for casting label.
  • 6. Label-controlling electric-eye shelf: improve the precision for cutting off the membrane materials.
  • 7. Push-button control cabinet: a more humanized operation.
  • 8. Independent feeding material shelf: the position of the material shelf is optional at will.

Automatic Double Sides Labeling Machine

Technical Parameters:

  • Model
  • Brand
  • Labeling Speed
  • Labeled Error
  • Label Size
  • Containers Size
  • Roll inside(mm)
  • Roll outerside diameter(mm)
  • Machine sine (mm)
  • Power
  • Machine Weight
  • Manufacturer
  • L-DS Vtops
  • 40-250 pcs/min
  • ≤ 1mm
  • (L)20-300mm (H)10-180mm
  • Φ20-φ100mm H20-200mm
  • Φ76mm
  • Maximum Φ300mm
  • 1700*650*1300mm
  • AC220V 50Hz 1.5kw
  • 180 Kg
  • Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd.

CAD Drawing:

CAD Drawing of Automatic Double Sides Labeling Machine

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Automatic Double Sides Labeling Machine for Front & Back | VTOPS-L-DS


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