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Semi-Automatic vacuum capping machine adopts vacuum pump vacuum the glass jar and capping method. The screw cap torsion and vacuum degree is adjustable depends on the demand. Unique design make it compatible with a variety of different shape, size of the bottle cap unscrewing. Strong compatibility, and easy to adjust.

The semi-automatic vacuum  capping machine widely used in food, canned, beverage, condiment, health care products and other industries in the three (four) spin tinplate cover glass vacuum screw cap.


1) Four capping station.
2) Automatic vacuum and capping in one work progress.
3) Suitable for different size and shape bottles, easy to change mould.
4) Technical data set up on screen, easy to operation.
5) All stainless steel and aluminum made, with the advantage of stable and strong.

Technical Parameters:

Chinese Model SC-ZKXG30B
EXW Cost US$ 4,980
Capping Speed 900-1200 bottles/hour
Diameter of Caps 30-80mm; 80-150mm
Height of Bottle 50-180mm; 120-250mm
Diameter of Bottle 30-80mm; 80-150mm
Air Supply 0.4-0.8 Mpa
Air Consumption 0.3 m3/min
Vacuum -0.08 Mpa
Voltage AC Single-phase 220V
Power 750 w
Machine Weight 120 KGS
Standard Export Package Size 870*900*1450 mm



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Semi-Automatic Twist Off Cap Vacuum Capping Machine | VTOPS-CS-V


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