Servo Pump Viscous Liquid Piston Filling Machine | VTOPS-GT-SL4


A servo pump liquid filling machine uses a servo-driven system; it is also a version of a piston filling machine. The servo-driven system and special three-way filling valve precisely control the amount of liquid that flows out of the dispensing nozzle.

The machine’s program instructs the servo piston filler how long to stroke the piston and at exact customizable speeds. It is the ideal choice for filling liquid and cream products. Especially high-viscosity materials have apparent effects and high accuracy. Such as laundry detergent, hand soap, lubricants, fruit juices, thick sauces, hot pepper sauce, tomato sauce, sticky honey, seed coatings, microemulsions, suspensions, etc.

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1. Characteristics:

  • 1. Servo motor driven the piston to achieve accuracy filling.
  • 2. A special three-way valve for each filling nozzle.
  • 3. The filling volume is adjustable on LCD touch screen; simple and convenient.
  • 4. The bottles are automatically enters, fills, and exits.
  • 5. Skip or stop filling if without bottles.
  • 6. The filling volumes are accurate and has a counting function.
  • 7. Equipped with filling nozzle to prevent dripping and drawing.
  • 8. Equipped with a diving filling system to ensure that the filling process does not foam and prevent the filling material from overflowing.
  • 9. Sanitary valve piping. Quick installation connection, easy disassembly and installation.

2. Details Photo:

3. Technical Parameters:

Model GT-SL4 GT-SL6 GT-SL8 GT-SL12 GT-SL16
Nozzles 4 6 8 12 16
Output 500-1000 bph 800-1600 bph 1000-2000 bph 1500-3000 bph 2000-4000 bph
Fill Volume 50-1000 ml or 500-3000 ml [1]
Storage Tank 200 liters (At the machine top)
Blender in Tank Optional
Drive Way Servo motor on Top
Servo Power 1.0 Kw
Accuracy ≥ 99% (>100ml)
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7 mpa
Air Consumption 20 lph 30 lph 40 lph 60 lph 100 lph
Conveyor Belt 3 meters [2] 5 meters [2]
Voltage AC Three-phase 380V 50/60Hz
Power 2.0 Kw 2.5 Kw
Weight 300 kgs 400 kgs 500 kgs 700 kgs 900 kgs
Dimensions (cm) 400×110×210 400×110×230 400×115×230 600×100×230 600×100×230
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd
  • [1]: Max filling volume is 5 liters. Twice fill is available.
  • [2]: Standard configuration and Equipped.

4. Work Video:

Video Description: Working video of servo pump viscous liquid piston filling machine.
Video Description: Working video of 4-Nozzle servo pump filling capping machine.

Servo Pump Viscous Liquid Piston Filling Machine | VTOPS-GT-SL4

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