Up to 6kg Inline Automatic Checkweigher Machine

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Easy to Operate High Precision Inline Automatic Checkweigher Machine (Check Weight Up to 6Kg)

A checkweigher machine is an automated machine used in the packaging and food industries to check the weight of products as they move along a production line.

The weighing weight 10-6000 grams check weigher machines from VTOPS are available in 4 different models: VTOPS-CW1K, VTOPS-CW2K, VTOPS-CW3K, and VTOPS-CW6K. The smaller the range, the higher the accuracy.


  • 1. Intelligent construction, auto program setting for easy operation.
  • 2. Production records in details.
  • 3. Quick Release design.
  • 4. PLC control system with industry touch screen panel.

Technical Parameters

Weighing Range 10-1000g 10-2000g 10-3000g 10-6000g
Accuracy XIII(1)
Max.Belt Speed 52m/min 40m/min
Max.Speed 80PCS 80PCS 50PCS 40PCS
Belt Size L45xW22cm L45xW30cm L65xW40cm L65xW44cm
HMI 7” Touch Screen
Reject Method Air blowing/Air-reject/Pneumatic pusher/Slide type Pneumatic pusher/Slide type
Voltage AC Single-phase 220V 50/60Hz
Power 400W 600W
Dimensions 98x80x130cm 98x86x130cm 160x95x150cm 160x95x150cm
Weight 180Kg 190Kg 260Kg 260Kg

Layout Drawing

Checkweigher Layout Drawing
Checkweigher Layout Drawing

Up to 6kg Inline Automatic Checkweigher Machine

SKU VTOPS-CW6K Category Tag

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