How Accuracy of Auger Filler Machine?

How Accuracy of Auger Filler Machine?

The accuracy of auger filler machines depends on several factors, including the machine's design, quality, and calibration.

Reviewed by Mingchong Lee, Senior Engineer Working in Packaging Machine Industry Over 20 years.

The accuracy of an auger filler depends on several factors, including the design, quality, and calibration of the machine. Here are some considerations regarding the accuracy of auger fillers:

Material Characteristics:

Firstly, the product’s characteristics will affect the accuracy of the auger filling. Factors such as the free-flow properties, particle size, density, and consistency of the powder or granules can affect the accuracy of the filling process. Some materials may require specific adjustments or modifications to the auger filler to ensure optimal accuracy.

Auger Design and Calibration:

The design of the auger, including its pitch, diameter, and flight configuration, plays a crucial role in achieving accurate filling. Augers can be customized or calibrated based on the specific material and desired fill volume. Proper calibration and setup are essential to ensure the auger delivers consistent and accurate fill quantities.

Control System and Software:

Auger fillers with advanced control systems and software provide enhanced accuracy. These systems allow for precise control of factors such as auger speed, acceleration, deceleration, and fill volume. Sophisticated software algorithms such as Fill-By-Weight Auger Filling system can compensate for variations in material flow and optimize filling accuracy, thus achieving 100% filling accuracy.

Machine Quality and Maintenance:

The overall quality and maintenance of the auger filler machine can impact accuracy. Well-built machines with robust construction and high-quality components tend to offer better accuracy and reliability. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication of the machine, helps maintain consistent performance and accuracy over time.

If expressed as a percentage of the target fill volume, the auger fillers can achieve accuracies ranging from ±98% to ±99.5% or better. However, it’s important to note that achieving optimal accuracy may require careful setup, calibration, and testing specific to the application of filling materials. In addition, more advanced filling systems such as online-scale Fill-by-Weight will also help improve filling accuracy greater than 99.7%.

To ensure the highest accuracy of auger filler machines, it is recommended to consult the Auger Filler manufacturer‘s specifications and conduct trials with the actual material being filled. And we also should learn how to adjust the machine settings to achieve the desired accuracy for your products.

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