Vtops Exported 4-Nozzle Servo Pump Viscous Liquid Piston Filling Machine to New Zealand

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd exported one set of 4-nozzle servo pump viscous liquid piston filling machine to New Zealand on September 14, 2020.

6-nozzle servo pump viscous liquid

Mr. Chan is a natural honey supplier from M Honey in New Zealand. On May 18st, Ms. Tina, the sealer in VTOPS, discovered the inquiry of a honey filling machine from Mr. Chan on Alibaba. Ms. Tina carefully analyzed Mr. Chen’s inquiry and proposed the servo pump viscous liquid piston filling machine is the best for filling honey.

Confirm Requirement

The final product information is confirmed as follows:

  • 1). Filling Material: Honey
  • 2). Filling Capacity: 50ml-500ml
  • 3). Bottles Height: 63mm-120.4mm
  • 4). Bottle Mouth Inner Diameter: 45mm-73.5mm
  • 5). Honey video and bottles photos.
  • 6). Nozzle number of machine:4 Nozzles
  • 7). Shipping to Wellington of New Zealand

After confirmed that the product (honey) and glass bottle are suitable, Ms. Tina immediately sent the detailed quotation and working video for the 4-nozzle servo pump viscous liquid piston filling machine to Mr. Chan for refer.

Reach a consensus and confirm cooperation

Mr. Chan was very grateful to Ms. Tina for her professional advice, and was deeply attracted by the machine and price after checking the Vtops quotation. He immediately decided to cooperate with Vtops and paid the machine payment on June 16.

Machine Testing and Delivery

On July 14, Vtops completed the machine. Ms. Tina took the detailed photos of the machine for Mr. Chan reference. After checking, Mr. Chan was very satisfied with the machine. Vtops arranged the wooden box packaging and shipped it as soon as possible.

Characteristics of Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

  • 1). The piston filler machine is widely used in the filling of high viscosity liquid and paste products.
  • 2). The piston filling machine is driven by servo system, which is more stable than pneumatic.
  • 3). It can be applied to different bottle sizes without changing the mold.
  • 4). The machine can be equipped with different numbers of nozzles according to the requirements of the filling speed. The filling speed is also related to the filling volume, the viscosity of the filled product and the diameter of the nozzle.
  • 5). The use of high-quality sealing elements, plus effective anti-drip measures to ensure that the filling site does not leak.

As a new high-end machine, the automatic servo piston filling machine can form a production line together with the bottle unscrambler, automatic capping machine, automatic labeling machine, etc., with simple operation and high efficiency.

Vtops can customize the most suitable solution according to customer needs, and customers are welcome to inquire at any time!

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