New Milk Powder Filling Machines Shipped to Germany by Rail

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New Milk Powder Filling Production Line Shipped to Germany by Rail

On June 20, 2020, VTOPS sent a milk powder filling production line to Germany via the China-Europe Express. The China-Europe train departs from Chongqing and leaves China via the Helgos port. Then it takes about 30 days to reach Hamburg, Germany. This cooperation is not the first cooperation between VTOPS and this customer. On April 21, we published a piece of company news titled “Exporting a CE-certified VFFS powder packaging machine to Europe.” The buyer of both cooperations was Mr. RH.
Mr. RH is the Managing Director of a well-known European food company established in 1990. The company has a wide range of private-label food products and is a leading supplier in this field. The company has not only achieved a distinguished position in the European but is also popular in the international market. As its milk powder production scale expands, the company needs more advanced machines to meet production needs. Mr. RH first considered VTOPS. Because of previous cooperation, he has great trust in the product quality of VTOPS.

VTOPS’ New Collaboration with Mr. RH

On May 10, Mr. RH received the vertical form fill seal machine model VTOPS-VFFS-320. With the professional assistance of VTOPS after-sales service engineers, the operator installed and debugged the sealing machine smoothly. This sealing machine’s efficient performance and stable operation have injected new vitality into the company’s production process.
Not only that, on May 20, Mr. RH and Ms. Lisa, the business representative of VTOPS, confirmed the order for a new milk powder production line. The production line incorporates technological innovations to ensure a more efficient milk powder production process. At the same time, it also has a high degree of automation, reducing labor costs. Before confirming the order, Mr. RH had discussed with Ms. Lisa the best solution for milk powder production. After deciding to cooperate, Mr. RH will send milk powder samples for testing. This step ensures the milk powder production line can perfectly meet the unique needs of milk powder production. A good production line will bring the company higher production capacity and more substantial market competitiveness.

Milk Powder Cans Information

Mr. RH first provided information about the milk powder cans. He uses two types of metal tinplate can containers for filling, with dimensional details such as:
1. The smaller can is a 401 # metal can.
Diameter: 99mm
Height: 63mm
Fill Weight: 120g
2. The larger can is also a 401 # metal can.
Diameter: 99mm
Height: 93mm
Filling Weight: 300g-350g

The Core Machines in the Milk Powder Production Line

1. Weighing Auger Filling Machine

Mr. RH prefers the VTOPS-PSH-W model for the auger filling machine, which has a weight-filling function. It is a weighing auger filling machine developed by VTOPS for high-end customers with high precision requirements. It can achieve accurate material weighing and quantitative filling through the built-in weighing system and screw conveyor device. Its filling error is less than 1 gram, which meets high-precision customers’ needs. The weighing auger filling machine improves production efficiency and ensures product consistency and quality. It is an indispensable machine on modern production lines, helping to improve the controllability and reliability of the production process.
Auger Filler Filling Machine
Auger Filler Filling Machine

2. Vacuum Nitrogen Filling Seaming Machine

Preserving milk powder is crucial, as it directly affects product quality, safety, economy, and sustainability. Correct preservation measures can extend the milk powder’s shelf life and ensure the product’s taste and nutrition. For this purpose, Mr. RH needs a vacuum nitrogen filling and seaming machine. Ms. Lisa thinks VTOPS-S-VN is his best choice. This machine evacuates the tank and injects nitrogen, effectively preventing food from oxidizing and maintaining freshness. In addition, nitrogen-filled seaming machines can also help reduce the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, reducing the possibility of spoilage. Since this machine’s standard minimum can height is 80mm, VTOPS customized the machine according to Mr. RH’s actual needs. VTOPS has excellent customization capabilities and can carry out precise, personalized customization according to customer needs. By adjusting the machine’s design and performance, the machine can perfectly match the production process required by the customer.

3. Labeling machine equipped with laser coding machine

The round cans labeling machine can quickly and accurately paste labels onto the surface of the cans. It ensures accurate label placement and tight adhesion, thereby improving the appearance and quality of product packaging. The round cans labeling machine VTOPS-L-RB produced by VTOPS is suitable for labeling Mr. RH’s smaller and larger cans.
Regarding choosing a printer to print the shelf life and batch number, Mr. RH’s previous choice was an ink printer. This time, Ms. Lisa recommended the flying fiber laser coding machine VTOPS-CNF-160 to him from a long-term perspective. Laser coders are a popular printing method nowadays. Laser coding machines suit metal, plastic, glass, paper, and other materials. They are highly programmable and can cope with diverse marking needs. It can print numbers, letters, symbols, QR codes, logos, etc. In addition, laser coding does not require the replacement of consumables such as ink, making it easy to transport. Because it is non-contact, there is no damage or wear, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.

What’s next for VTOPS?

After receiving the milk powder, tinplate can, and label samples, VTOPS arranges the corresponding mold-making. Once completed, the samples are tested one by one in the machine for inspection. The following is a video related to the milk powder production line:


VTOPS has always upheld its commitment to putting customers’ interests first for many years in the packaging machine industry. We know that our customers’ success and satisfaction are our success and satisfaction. Therefore, we insist on taking the needs and expectations of our customers as our starting point. With professional knowledge and rich practical experience, we provide customers with the best packaging solutions. VTOPS is well aware of the complexity and diversity of packaging machinery so that we can provide customized services to customers. We provide high-quality equipment and up to two years of after-sales service to ensure that customers’ machines maintain excellent performance in long-term use. VTOPS looks forward to working with you to provide reliable packaging solutions for your production lines. Thank you for your choice. We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best service.

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