New Milk Powder Filling Machines Shipped to Germany by Rail

New milk powder filling machines shipped to Germany by Sino-European train on June 20, 2020. The Sino-European train departed from Chongqing and left China via the Hurgos Pass. Then it takes about 30 days to reach Hamburg, Germany.

In the news on April 21st, we introduced a company news of “Export A CE Approved VFFS Powder Packing Machine to Europe“. The buyer are all Mr RH. Mr RH is a managing director of a well-known European food company which founded since year 1990. It has a variety of own brands of innovative foods, and the leading providers in the field.

New Cooperation with Mr RH

On May 10, Mr. RH received the vertical form film sealing machine of model VTOPS-VFFS-320. With the assistant from VTOPS who is the engineer responsible for after-sale, the machines soon runs very well. On May 20, Mr. RH soon confirmed the order of milk powder packing liner with Ms. Lisa from VTOPS. Before that, they have discussed the best solution as below, and send samples for testing later.

Container Information

Firstly, container information.
Mr RH have two kinds of container of metal tin can which size information are the following:
1. Small one can is a 401# metal can.
Diameter is 99mm;
Height is 63 mm;
Filling Weight is 120 grams.

2. Large one can is a 401# metal can also.
Diameter is 99mm;
Height is 93 mm;
Filling weight: 300g – 350 grams.

Fill-by-Weigh Auger Filler

For the auger filler, Mr RH prefers the model of VTOPS-PSH-W which has the function of fill-by-weight. Especially to say, it is a Filling-by-Weighing auger filler developed by Vtops Machinery for high-end customers with High-Precision needs. The filled error is less than 1 gram, well meet the customers with High-Precision needs.

Milk Powder Filling Machines Shipped to Germany

Auger Filler Filling Machine

Vacuum Infill Nitrogen Seaming Machine

Besides, with the increasing demand for canned food market, the problem of extending the shelf life of food comes with it. For this, they need a Vacuum Infill Nitrogen Seamer Machine VTOPS-S-VN.
Meanwhile, due to the standard minimum can height is 80mm, so VTOPS customized it as the actual needs of Mr. RH.

Labeling Machine Equipped Laser Marking Machine

Thirdly, the labeling machine for round tin can. It is a general requirement are fully met, labeling machine VTOPS-L-RB application for Mr. RH’s the smaller and larger tin can label.

Fourth, the printer to print the shelf life and lot number. The first choice for Mr.RH is ink printer. While this time, from a long-term perspective, Ms. Lisa recommend the Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine VTOPS-INF-160 . Simply put, Laser coding machine is a more popular way now; It not only can print numbers, letters, symbols, but also print QR codes, logos, etc .; And laser coding has no consumables like ink that need to be replaced and are not easy to transport.

Mr. RH and his team are very satisfied with this solution. So they soon place the order again.

What VTOPS to do next?
After receive tin can and label samples, VTOPS arrange to make the mold accordingly. After finished it, test the samples in the machine one by one for checking.

A Video of Milk Powder Filling Machine:

About Vtops

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We believe that with the collaborative efforts of each department, Vtops will be your first choice for purchasing packaging machines.

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