Vtops Developed a New Kind of Negative Pressure Liquid Filling Machine

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd developed a new kind of linear negative pressure liquid filling machine. The machine first evacuates the packaging container to form a negative pressure. Then, fills the liquid into the packaging container. So we named it as negative pressure liquid filling machine.

The machine woking video is following:

Working Principle:

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing liquid filling, such as: inaccurate filling, unacceptable error of liquid level , etc. Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd launched a fully automatic negative liquid filling machine.

Working Principle of Negative Pressure Liquid Filling Machine

Working Principle of Negative Pressure Liquid Filling Machine

During the filling process, a vacuum fan pumps the inside of the packaging container into a negative pressure state. The liquid in the liquid storage tank is filled into the packaging container under the pressure of standard atmospheric pressure. At the end, the vacuum blower sucks all the excess liquid in the packaging container. It keeps the liquid in all packaging containers on a horizontal liquid level line.


As you can see from the video, the negative pressure liquid filling machine has the following advantages:

  • 1 Consistent Liquid Level.
    As you know, in the mass production of packaging containers, its errors are inevitable. Although it is a very small manufacturing error, but this filling machine will keep the liquid level after filling at the same horizontal level line. If your packaging container is transparent, there will be a good visual effect when selling.
  • 2, Without Dripping.
    In the food industry, or the pharmaceutical industry. Drips can cause unsanitary phenomena such as cross contamination. This filling machine will avoid similar imaginations.
  • 3, Ideal for Foamy Liquids.
    If your product is very easy to foam during filling. Then you will be very grateful for this machine. Because this machine will suck all the foam in the bottle mouth at the end. The sucked foam and liquid will enter the liquid storage tank and it will not be wasted.


Negative pressure vacuum filling machine is suitable for many kinds of industries. Such as, food, beverage, wine, daily necessities and other industries.
A details example are the following for reference: white wine, wine, rice wine, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, alkaline, paint, pesticides, oyster sauce, concentrated fruit juice and other liquids, water filling.

Technical Parameters:

  • (1) Filling Nozzles: 4-16 nozzles (configured as required)
  • (2) Capacity: 10ML-5000ML (configured as required)
  • (3) Filling Form: Equal Liquid Level Negative Pressure Multi-head filling

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