Outstanding Accuracy of VTOPS-PSH Pick-Fill-Seal Packing Machine

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Outstanding Accuracy of VTOPS-PSH Pick Fill Seal Dry Powder Packing Machine

The VTOPS-PSH pick fill seal packing machine has outstanding accuracy performance in the test of June 29, 2021. This is because we are equipping with the unique patent of Fill-By-Weight system on this machine. Pick Fill Seal Packing Machine In the test, the PFS packing machine equipped double auger dosing filler. One auger filler is 50 liters easy clean hopper, and other one auger filler is 30 liters easy clean hopper. In the station between the two auger filler is equipped with an Fill-By-Weight system. Which is why this PFS packing machine have the outstanding accuracy.


This PSF packing machine with the highlights are the following:

1, Outstanding Accuracy:

First of all, the highlight worthy of introduction is the outstanding accuracy. The packing accuracy exceeds than 99.7%. For example, if you pack 1500 grams in per premade pouch, the error will be within 3 grams, or even better. In the following HD video of this post, you will get a comprehensive and clear understanding of the pfs packing machine.

2, Packing Weight:

The maximum packaging weight can reach 3000 grams if the size of the premade pouch is within the applicable size of the pick fill seal packing machine. In addition, the smallest packing weight can reach 500 grams or less. The same principle, the size of the premade pouch is necessary to meet the design standards of PFS packing machine. So, what is the size of the premade pouch available for this machine? The applicable premade bag of the current design is the length 200-450mm, and the width is 200-300mm. However, that is not an absolute value. We encourage you to contact us and tell us the size of your premade bag. Our engineers will provide you with a suitable solution to your pouches.

3, Double Auger Dosing Filler:

Both auger fillers are equipped with easy-to-clean hoppers, which are ideal for customers with fast cleaning. The capacity of the large one auger filler hopper is 50 liters. Its role is to fill materials quickly. But the capacity of the small one auger filler hopper is 30 liters. Its role is to fill materials accuracy. As you know, the greater advantage of the double auger dosing filler system is the increase in speed. The two auger filler heads cooperate with each other, and there are many different ways of cooperation. Such as: Filling-Weighing-Filling, Filling-Filling, and so on. In addition, the two auger dosing filler are driven by one Delta PLC and one Delta Touch Screen. The one same PLC and HMI system driver can reduce the time of switching between different HMIs and improve work efficiency. Moreover, it brings great convenience to troubleshooting and maintenance.

4, Changeover Pouches

If you have several premade pouches bags with different widths. Congratulations, this will be another perfect ideal reason for you to choose this machine. Because thie pick fill seal packaging machine is available switch the premade pouches of different widths within a few minutes. You only need to measure the actual size of the premade pouch with a ruler. Then fill it into the touch screen. After enter confirming, the machine will automatically adjust to the width of the pouch you expect. This is also a unique highlight in the automatic packaging industry. While reducing labor costs, it also improves work efficiency.

5, Coding Device

The series of all of Fill-by-Weight pick fill seal packing machine equipping with a ribbon coding device as standard. It is worth noting that the ribbon coding device is not the highlight of this machine. Because many other machines can equip with it. You will not be disappointed is that the packaging machine is available to optional equip with a laser coding machine. Because the laser coding machine not only print the unlimit number of characters. But also patterns and your logo according to your needs.


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