The eighth work steering team of “TEN THOUSAND OFFICIALS HELP TEN THOUSAND ENTERPRISES” of Henan Province guides VTOPS on the morning of July 28, 2021.

The Eighth Work Steering Team of Henan Province Guides VTOPS

The Eighth Work Steering Team of Henan Province Guides VTOPS

In order to help local enterprises solve practical difficulties. Promote the healthy and high-quality development of the local industrial enterprises, and maintain stable economic growth. Liu Wei, the leader of the Foreign Investment Division of the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission. Led the eighth work steering team and guides the production base VTOPS in Wuzhi County of Jiaozuo city. Qian Baoxing, the Wuzhi county leader, accompanied the guidance.

The steering team team visited the 40000 square meters of packaging machine manufacturing base of Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. To observe the production, operation and development of the company. They exchanged views with the person in charge on the difficulties and problems encountered. In response to the difficulties in the development of the company, the team members provide specific guidance.

Li Mingchong, co-founder of Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd. On behalf of VTOPS, warmly welcome every leader to VTOPS for the work of inspection and guidance. Afterwards, Li reported the company’s corporate culture, development history, and talent echelon construction to the steering team.

The steering team affirmed the company’s adherence to an open and win-win path. And, congratulations the company for achieving a new high in export volume in 2020 under General Secretary Xi’s One Belt One Road policy. Subsequently, the steering team had an in-depth exchange with the head of the company to learn more about the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the company.

Li introduced the VTOPS packaging machine to the steering team.

Li introduced the VTOPS packaging machine to the steering team.

The working group advised that VTOPS conscientiously summarize and sort out the problems. They will take targeted measures based on the problems to help solve the key problems and bottlenecks faced by the company. Through policies, enterprises will be radiated with endogenous motivation, development vitality and overall strength.

In this survey, the leaders provided suggestions and solutions for Vtops, which not only provided strong support for the company’s development, but also greatly stimulated the potential of the company’s development.

Since the beginning of this year, all parts of the country have shown a trend of rapid recovery growth. In the face of the competition, if you do not advance, you will retreat. At present, the overall development of Vtops is on an upward trend. With the support and assistance of policies, our company is confident that we will achieve higher-quality development in 2021 and make greater contributions to local economic and social development!

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