The Eighth Work Steering Team of Henan Province Guides VTOPS

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On the morning of July 28, 2021, the Eighth Working Steering Group of Henan Province’s “Ten Thousand Officials Helping Thousands of Enterprises” conducted an in-depth inspection of the VTOPS factory. The purpose of this inspection was to understand the operation of the factory fully and to promote the implementation of the “Ten Thousand Officials Helping Thousands of Enterprises” plan. The inspection team conducted detailed preparations in the early stages. They actively communicated with the management and employees of the VTOPS factory to ensure the smooth progress of the inspection.

The Eighth Work Steering Team of Henan Province Guides VTOPS
The Eighth Work Steering Team of Henan Province Guides VTOPS

Personnel and Purpose of Inspection

There are many participants in this supervision group. Mr. Liu Wei, Director of the Foreign Investment Division of the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission. He leads the Eighth Working Steering Group of Henan Province’s “Thousands of Governments Helping Thousands of Enterprises.” The leaders of Wuzhi County attach great importance to this inspection work. Mr. Qian Baoxing, leader of Wuzhi County, accompanied the inspection team to conduct inspections and jointly had an in-depth understanding of the operation status of the VTOPS factory.
This inspection aims to help local enterprises solve practical difficulties and promote the healthy and high-quality development of local industrial enterprises. Mr. Liu Wei and the Eighth Working Steering Group hope to provide targeted guidance and suggestions to factories. The aim is to optimize their production processes and improve quality control standards while ensuring compliance. The inspection demonstrated the spirit of collaboration between government and business to achieve common goals. That is to promote sustained and stable economic growth, create more job opportunities, and improve the quality of life of residents.

Inspection Process

Before the inspection, the supervision team conducted pre-communication with the management of the VTOPS factory to clarify the purpose, focus, and expectations of the inspection. Li Mingchong, co-founder of VTOPS, on behalf of the company, warmly welcomed all leaders to VTOPS for inspection and guidance. The supervision team went to the 40,000-square-meter packaging machine manufacturing base of Zhengzhou VTOPS Company. They actively visited various production areas of the factory and gained a comprehensive understanding of the company’s production operations and development. The inspection included not only observing the operation of the production line but also an in-depth understanding of the company’s R&D and innovation practices, as well as employee training and development programs.
During the visit, members of the supervision team had cordial and useful exchanges with Mr. Li Mingchong. They had an in-depth discussion on the difficulties and problems the company encountered during its development. They worked together to find solutions and suggestions. In response to these issues, the steering group provided targeted guidance and tips to help the company better cope with the challenges. These suggestions help the company improve production efficiency, improve quality standards, and ensure the company’s sustainable development.

Li introduced the VTOPS packaging machine to the steering team.
Li introduced the VTOPS packaging machine to the steering team.

The Steering Group’s Evaluation of VTOPS

The supervision group spoke highly of VTOPS. They particularly emphasized that VTOPS adheres to the path of openness and win-win. This point is significant in today’s highly competitive market environment. The steering group believes that VTOPS has an excellent service attitude. VTOPS provides customized packaging solutions to customers around the world, and it provides each customer with up to two years of after-sales service. The complete after-sales service system and long-term after-sales service guarantee are lacking in other similar companies. VTOPS has a wide range of products, including filling machines, labeling machines, knob cap machines, and other packaging machinery. This evaluation affirms the company’s firm development philosophy and achievements. Under General Secretary Xi’s One Belt, One Road policy, VTOPS’s export volume reached a new high in 2020. The company’s openness not only helps attract partners and customers but also promotes innovation and continuous improvement, thereby increasing the company’s competitiveness.


After the inspection, the team will synthesize all data and observations and write a detailed report. This report will not only describe the current operation of the VTOPS plant in detail but also provide targeted improvement and feasibility suggestions. The recommendations will cover improvements to production processes, increased quality control, enhanced employee training, and improved compliance reviews.
VTOPS will take active actions based on the steering group’s report to ensure that the company can effectively respond to challenges and achieve higher production efficiency and stricter quality standards. The cooperation between inspections and supervision promotes the development of VTOPS. It also strengthens the partnership between the government and enterprises. It lays a solid foundation for jointly promoting stable economic growth and sustainable development.

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