An auger filler increased ground clearance which customize for Mr Troy Gullekson from United States of America. Mr Troy Gullekson is an owner of a flour mill factory in Minnesota of United States of America. He need one more semi-automatic auge filler machine due to the increasing production.

Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance

Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance

Firstly, How to Pick the Ideal Auger Filler

Mr. Troy Gullekson sent quite detailed inquiry information to Vtops are the following:

  • 1. Filling Material: A Mixed flour and potato flake;
  • 2. Filling Weight: 460 grams;
  • 3. Filling container: Poly bags;
  • 4. Power: AC Single-Phase 220V;

Ms. Lisa Yue quickly responsed and then offer an economical semi-automatic auger filler of model VTOPS-P2. Mr. Troy said the auger filler machine is exactly his need. But the problem is the Ground Clearance between the auger nozzle and ground.

Custom Requirements

Besides, Mr. Troy asked two questions:

  • 1. What the Ground Clearance between the auger nozzle and ground?
    The original auger filler ground clearance is 860 mm. Mr. Troy hope to increase the ground clearance to 1200mm. Becasue of his workers cannot easily operate the machine if the ground clearance is 860 mm.
  • 2. Can the conveyor opening on top be placed on the right side of machine instead of left?
    The answer is yes. As a professional auger filler machine manufacturer founded since 2001, Vtops exactly had meet a similar case.

Ms. Lisa confirm with engineer again and provided a technical drawing to Mr. Troy. He was very excited to see such a solution with technical drawing.

CAD Technical Drawing of Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance

CAD Technical Drawing of Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance

Reach A Consensus

Soon, Mr. Troy Gullekson make the order on to Ms. Lisa Yue.

Mr. Troy told Ms. Lisa, he was about to buy the auger filler machine from a competitor but he find Vtops’ company. But Vtops professional better, even provided technical drawings that made him very clear. And Ms. Lisa had also been good at making information clear to him. In this way, they happily started the first cooperation.

Vtops Company had worked in filling packing machine industry since 2001. They received many different questions and requests, every time, the engineer and the person in charge do their best to give the best solution. Therefore, Vtops received many good feedbacks from their clients and more cooperation reached between each other.

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