An Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance Customize for A US Client

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On January 9, 2020, VTOPS successfully shipped an auger filler to the United States. The recipient is Mr. Troy Gullekson, the owner of a flour mill in Minnesota, USA. Due to increasing production, he needed a semi-automatic auger filler. Therefore, he chose to purchase an auger filling machine from VTOPS.

Inquiry Information of Mr. Troy Gullekson

When Mr. Troy Gullekson sent an inquiry to VTOPS, he first put forward several requirements. He hopes that the machine can meet his production requirements, which include the following:

  • Filling Material: Mixed flour and potato flake;
  • Filling Weight: 460 grams;
  • Filling container: Poly bags;
  • Power: AC Single-Phase 220V;

According to the needs of Mr. Troy Gullekson, the machine needs to mix flour with potato flour and fill it. Therefore, the machine needs to have a suitable auger for precise filling. The filling weight is 460 grams. Mr. Troy Gullekson is a strict person, and he does not want errors in filling. The machine error of VTOPS is extremely small and can basically be ignored. In addition, Mr. Troy Gullekson also said that his current flour mill is not particularly well-funded. Therefore, he hopes to purchase a machine that meets his production needs without being too expensive.

Ms. Lisa, the company’s professional salesperson, responded quickly. She believes that the VTOPS-P2 semi-automatic auger filler is the best choice for Mr. Troy Gullekson. This machine is affordable and has minimal error. The touch screen is easy to operate, and even non-professionals can quickly learn to operate it. In addition, the machine has relatively high production efficiency and can meet the customer’s production needs.

Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance
Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance

Custom Request from Mr. Troy Gullekson

After agreeing to buy the VTOPS-P2 semi-automatic auger filling machine, Ms. Lisa sent a test machine video to Mr. Troy. The customer said he was very satisfied, but he had two questions:

1. What is the ground clearance between the auger nozzle and the ground?

VTOPS-P2 auger filler machine has a ground clearance of 860 mm. Mr Troy hopes to increase the ground clearance to 1200mm. The reason is that if the ground clearance is 860 mm, his workers cannot operate the machine easily. Ms. Lisa said that VTOPS can customize machines according to customer needs. Therefore, the ground clearance can be changed to 1200mm. The issue was successfully resolved.

2. Can the top conveyor port be placed on the right side of the machine instead of the left?

The answer is yes. As a professional auger filling machine manufacturer established in 2001, VTOPS has encountered similar cases. It is only a common design to place the conveying port on the left side. The engineer can place the conveyor port on the right side according to production After the two problems were resolved, Ms. Lisa confirmed with the engineer. After confirmation, she provided technical drawings to Mr. Troy for reconfirmation. Mr. Troy was pleased to see such a detailed technical drawing solution. He believes that VTOPS can provide such a detailed solution, which shows that it is a professional and responsible company.
CAD Technical Drawing of Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance
CAD Technical Drawing of Auger Filler Increased Ground Clearance

Reach a Consensus

One day after receiving the drawings, Mr. Troy Gullekson placed an order with Ms. Lisa Yue on Alibaba. Mr. Troy mentioned to Ms. Lisa that he originally planned to purchase an auger filler from a competitor, but he immediately changed his mind after discovering VTOPS. He was interested in VTOPS’s products and thought their professional level was higher. This decision not only reflects Mr. Troy’s trust in VTOPS but also demonstrates VTOPS’s excellent reputation and quality in the field of auger filling machines. VTOPS will serve every customer with heart.

Client Feedback

Mr. Troy Gullekson gave feedback after receiving the machine. He thinks that the machine quality and service attitude of VTOPS are very good. He would not use the machine after receiving it, so the company arranged for professional personnel to provide online guidance. During the trial run, there was a very small error in the first two times, and there was no error from the third time on. The delivery speed of VTOPS is also relatively fast. From delivery to receipt, it takes less than 20 days. Mr. Troy Gullekson said that if there is demand in the future, he will purchase machines from VTOPS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

As a packaging machinery manufacturer, VTOPS will continue to actively innovate and develop more advanced, efficient, and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. We will strengthen our research and development capabilities and provide more customized products. Expand the global market to become an industry leader and continue to provide customers with reliable and innovative packaging solutions.

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