Export A CE Approved VFFS Powder Packing Machine to Europe

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VFFS packing machine is the abbreviation of vertical, form fill, and seal packaging machine. It is an automated machine to pack bulk products, such as food, granules, liquids, etc., into various types of bags. This kind of machine is very common in the packaging industry. It forms packaging bags vertically, then fills the product into the bag, and finally seals it to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the product. VFFS packaging machines are widely used in various industries to provide efficient, precise, and automated packaging solutions.

VTOPS Exported a VFFS Packaging Machine to Europe

On March 26, 2020, VTOPS exported a CE-certified VFFS packaging machine to Mr. RH in Europe. Mr. RH is the Managing Director of a well-known European food company established in 1990. The company has achieved outstanding results in the food industry over the years. It not only occupies a prominent position in the European market but also extensively expands its international business. Its strong R&D team is committed to innovation and leading the development trend of the food industry.

With the development of the production scale, the company decided to further improve its production efficiency and packaging standards. Therefore, it ordered an advanced VFFS packaging machine from VTOPS Company. Founded in 2001, VTOPS is one of the three largest powder filling machine manufacturers in China. It has strong strengths and meets Mr. RH’s selection criteria. The VFFS packaging machine provided by VTOPS will help improve packaging speed and accuracy, ensuring product packaging quality and hygiene standards. RH has always been known for its persistent pursuit of quality, and this investment will further consolidate its outstanding position in the food industry. At the same time, this cooperation is also an affirmation of VTOPS’s strength.

Export A CE Approved VFFS Powder Packing Machine to Europe

Client Needs

Mr. RH ordered a VFFS milk powder packaging machine of VTOPS from Ms. Lisa Yue on February 11, 2020. He said this was just a trial order. If VTOPS’s machines can meet his needs, he will continue to cooperate with VTOPS. Before deciding to purchase the machine, Mr. RH made the following requirements for the VTOPS machine:

  • The material is non-flowing milk powder.
  • Packing weight is 125 grams.
  • The film material is a three-layer foil film with a total thickness of 100um.
  • Film width is 310 mm.
  • The length of the pouch can be adjusted from 140mm to 250mm.

Cooperation Achieved

After receiving the customer’s needs, Lisa quickly discussed solutions with VTOPS engineers. Because the VTOPS technical team is very professional, they can quickly provide solutions. They think that the VFFS vertical fill and seal packaging machine is Mr. RH’s best choice. Moreover, customers can adjust the VFFS packing machine according to their needs.This machine is capable of meeting many different packaging needs. VTOPS can provide customized packaging solutions for every customer.

After referring to VTOPS Machinery’s previous cases, Mr. RH and his team confirmed that the vertical fill-seal packaging machine was what they wanted. But he also mentioned that he hopes to purchase a CE-certified machine. CE certification plays an extremely important role in Europe. It indicates that the product meets the requirements of European regulations and standards. This certification is not only a guarantee of product quality and safety but also provides manufacturers with key credentials to enter the European market. It is a very important certificate of conformity in Europe. Fortunately, all VTOPS machines have passed CE certification. After confirming all the information, the cooperation was successfully concluded.

As their business continued to develop, they invested in a new factory in Germany. The VFFS packing machine is one of the intelligent packaging equipment in the new factory in Germany. After checking the quality, Mr. RH will place the second order of a milk powder filling canning line. VTOPS appreciates your trust; we give you the best quality and service.

Advantages of VFFS Packing Machines Produced by VTOPS

  1. Wide Range of Applications:VFFS packaging machines have a very wide range of applications. It is suitable for various types of products and industries, from food, beverages, bakery, agricultural products, and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and industrial supplies.
  2. High Efficiency:VFFS packaging machines are able to automatically perform the entire process of packaging, including forming, filling, and sealing. It has excellent production efficiency and reduces manual intervention.
  3. Versatility: These machines are suitable for various types of products, including solids, granules, liquids, and powders, making them very flexible.
  4. Accurate Portion Size: VFFS packaging machines can precisely measure and control product portion size in each bag, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  5. Save on Packaging Materials: They are often able to minimize the waste of packaging materials because they use rolls of packaging materials that can be cut as needed, reducing waste.
  6. Technological Innovation Automation Control:VFFS packaging machines usually have advanced automation control systems. For example, touch screen integration, modular design, self-centering film drive system, bilingual interface, automatic edge guidance and film tracking system, integrated temperature control, etc. The machine can adjust packaging speed and parameters to suit different products and packaging requirements.
  7. Customized Service: Customers can customize and adjust the machine according to their needs. For example, back seals (edge or center), flat bottom bag attachments, pneumatic jaw availability, tool-free film changeover, ethernet connectivity, vacuum pull belts, etc.

VTOPS is the premier packaging manufacturer in Zhengzhou, China. In order to meet the needs of different customers, VTOPS also strives to develop and manufacture intelligent packaging equipment and intelligent packaging projects. For example, for automatic powder bag packaging machines, we not only provide VFFS vertical film sealing packaging machines but also premade bag PFS pick-fill-seal packaging machines. In addition, VTOPS also accepts customization according to customer needs. We will strive to provide the best service to every customer from around the world.

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