On March 26, 2020, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd export a CE approved VFFS packing machine to Mr. RH in Europe.
Mr. RH is a managing director of a well-known European food company which founded since year 1990. It has a variety of own brands of innovative foods, and the leading providers in the field.

Mr RH placed an order of VFFS milk powder packing machine to Ms Lisa Yue on february 11, 2020. And this is a trial order.

Export A CE Approved VFFS Powder Packing Machine to Europe

Part One: Learn Requirement and Offer Solution

Firstly, Ms. Lisa learn the requirement from Mr. RH as below:

  • 1. The material is non-free flowing milk powder.
  • 2. Packing weight is 125 grams.
  • 3. Film material is foil film 3-layer and totally thickness is 100um.
  • 4. Film width is 310 mm.
  • 5. Pouch length is adjustable from 140mm to 250mm.

Then, Ms. Lisa and Vtops’ engineer offer the solution that is VFFS vertical form fill seal packing machine. After referenced previous cases of Vtops Machinery, Mr. RH and his team confirmed that vertical form fill seal packing machine is exactly they want.
Besides, Mr. RH particularly emphasized the CE certificate, which is very important compliance certificate in Europe. As it happens, all VTOPS machines have passed CE certification.

On March 17, VTOPS production department finished the whole set machine’s working. It only takes two weeks to finish the work after VTOPS restart working. And take a detailed video for Mr. RH and his team checking. And the video is following:

Part Two: Benefits and Advantage

The benefits of VFFS vertical form fill sealing packing machine are the following:

  • 1. Range of Applications.
    Such as in food industry, pet food industry, hardware industry.
  • 2. Technological Innovations.
    Such as touch-screen integration, modular design, self-centering film drive down systems, bilingual interfaces, automatic edge guidance and film tracking systems, integrated temperature control.
  • 3. Customizations are available.
    Such as adjustable back seals (edge or center), flat bottom bag attachments, pneumatic jaw availability, tool-free film changeover, ethernet connectivity, vacuum pull belts.
  • 4. Best performance, reliability and quality packaging are available.
    With seamless changeover speeds, huge value per investment dollar and absolutely minimal maintenance needs, these innovative machines pay back on their investments over short time by automating the entire packaging process.

Part Three: Vtops Packing Machine, Your First Choice

Mr. RH, a purchase manage in a well-know food supply company in the UK. As their business continued to develop, they invest a new factory in Germany. The VFFS packing machine which export this time is one of intelligent packaging equipment in the new factory of Germany. After checking the quality, Mr. RH will place the second order of a milk powder filling canning line. VTOPS appreciate for yours trusting, we feedback you the best quality and service.

VTOPS is a premier packaging manufacturer in Zhengzhou of China. In order to meet the needs of different customers, VTOPS develop and manufacturing intelligent packaging equipment and intelligent packaging project. For example, for the automatic powder pouch packing machine, we not only offer VFFS vertical form film seal packing machine, but premade bag PFS pick fill seal packing machine. Besides, VTOPS accept customizing for customers’ needs.