Automatic and Intelligent Transformation of Filling Machine In The Beverage Industry

Introduction: With the increasing fierce competition in the beverage market, many Chinese beverage manufacturers transforming to the automatic and intelligent of beverage filling line. The transformation will not only improve the quality and efficiency of enterprises. But also promote the integration of the development of food and beverage industry with digital technologies. To achieve high-quality and coordinated development.

In recent years, the Soft Drink [1] industry has shown a prosperous development. Chinese traditional soft drink brands such as Arctic Ocean and Hankou No. 2 Factory are actively transforming in line with market trends. Meanwhile, new brands such as Yuanqi Forest and Wangshanha have sprung up based on new consumer demands.

Competition in the beverage market is becoming fiercer, and the intelligent transformation of production lines is becoming more important. More and more beverage enterprises adopt intelligent and automatic beverage filling production lines. This will not only improve their production quality and efficiency, but also promote the development of the food and beverage industry to combine with digital technologies to achieve high-quality and coordinated development.

In the soft drink market, the demand for bottled drinking water continues to rise. Sparkling water, plant protein drinks, ready-to-drink coffee, functional beverages, NFC juice drinks develop rapidly and become more and more popular. Because they upgraded the production processes, meanwhile, they are in line with the upgrade-consumption and health trend by sugar substitutes, fruits, nutrients, seasonal restrictions, etc. Of course, the prosperity and stable development of the food and beverage market is not only reflected in the emergence of some new brands. But also traditional brands such as Arctic Ocean and Hankou No. 2 Factory which also accelerate the innovation of personalized beverage flavors. In addition,Wahaha and Nongfu Spring also research new beverages to promote their sales.

Beverage Industry Sales in 10 Years

Taking some figures for example, according to relevant data from CBNData. In 2014, the consumption scale of Chinese beverage market was RMB 743.3 billion, or approximately US$117.98 billion. In 2019, the consumption scale of Chinese beverage market was RMB 991.4 billion, or approximately US$157.36 billion. The sales of China beverage industry basically maintain a continuous growth of about 3.33 billion US dollar per year in the recent five years.

2021 Beverage Consumption Trend Insight Report | CBNData

2021 Beverage Consumption Trend Insight Report | CBNData

And the industry sales are expected to reach 210 US dollar [2] billion by 2024. In addition, according to the “2021 Beverage Consumption Trend Insight Report”[3], with the opening of online channels for beverage, consumption habits such as frequent purchases and high repurchase rates are emerging. This promote the growth rate of the beverage industry much higher than that of the entire food and beverage industry. The beverage track has entered the development stage where new and old brands have joined the market competition. So the automatic beverage filling line is deploying by far-sighted beverage manufacturers.

We should pay attention to some something. The beverage enterprise often use a series of machinery such as bottle washer, beverage filling machine, sealing machine, sterilization equipment, cleaning machine, packaging equipment and so on in the production process. In the past, they adopt OEM model for their new brands. However, in the recent years, they pay more attention to strengthening their own factory construction and technology R & D. Moreover, they promote the upgrade of production lines to automatic, intelligence, and flexibility, and strive to firmly grasp the production initiative in their own hands.

Cutting-edge Brand

For the cutting-edge brand, Let’s take Yuanqi Forest as an example. Since the establishment in 2016, Yuanqi Forest has focused on water drink. Their slogan is quasi-health and quality. They built their own factory in 2019, in order to achieve the purpose of storage durability, they introduced a automatic and intelligent beverage filling production line which is only a small number in the world instead of adding preservatives. It is reported that they will built five major factories in the future, the beverage production capacity will exceed 5 billion bottles. Meanwhile, they will also have stronger production adjustment capabilities to adapt to market changes.

2021 Beverage Consumption Trend Insight Report | CBNData

2021 Beverage Consumption Trend Insight Report | CBNData

Traditional Brand

As for traditional brand, we might take a look at Wahaha. As a major beverage brand with a deep foundation, Wahaha has advantages in its production infrastructure. What is more prominent is that it has achieved industrial transformation and upgrading by technology R&D. A few days ago, Wahaha announced that they will built three automatic and intelligent beverage filling production lines next year. It is important to mention that the automatic and intelligent beverage filling production lines are independently developed by the team. The front-end can promptly feedback the needs of the circulation and sales to achieve efficient on-demand production and distribution. The back-end has the two attributes of automatic and intelligent beverage filling production lines and flexible production. They will helps to avoid Cross-contamination in production so as to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Of course, although automatic and intelligent beverage filling production lines are the common bright spot for the above-mentioned beverage companies. But the high input cost that required in the production line upgrating is a major obstacle to the development. However, with breakthroughs in the research and development of technologies and equipment in automatic and intelligent beverage filling production lines from VTOPS. We can believe that the scale and pattern of beverage smart factories will further expand in the future.

Servo Pump Beverage Filling Machine

Affected by the environment, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd has launched a new Servo Pump Filling machine.

In order to understand the Servo Pump Filling Machine more intuitively, a video is following:

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou of Henan province. We have a self-build 40,000 square meter modern production factory [4]. VTOPS design and manufacturing various packaging machines, such as, auger filling machine, vertical form fill seal packing machine, pick fill seal packing machine, labeling machine and other packaging machines.

We have a number of product trademarks, proprietary technology patents, CE certification. Besides, we are making great efforts to develop new products to meet different requirements. We have excellent teams who focus on product development & design, quality control & inspection and company running. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service. Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.

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  • [1] Soft Drink: We call soft drink “soft” in contrast with “hard” alcoholic drinks. Soft drink may contain small amounts of alcohol. However, in many countries and localities, the alcohol content must be less than 0.5% of the total volume of the drink, which is the precondition of considering this drink to be non-alcoholic. View More on Wikipedia.
  • [2] The exchange rate is calculated according to 6.3, means: 1 US dollar equal to 6.3 Chinese Yuan.
  • [3] “2021 Beverage Consumption Trend Insight Report” from CBNData (Chinese Version):
  • [4] Panoramic Show of Vtops Factory:

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