The Development of Goat Milk Powder Packaging Machine

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The Development of Goat Milk Powder Packaging Machine

The Growth of The Consumption Market of Goat Milk Powder Promotes the Development of Goat Milk Powder Packaging Machine.


The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on May 31, 2021. The meeting proposed to further optimize the childbirth policy and implement the policy that one couple can have three children. At the macro level, this policy will be of great significance to improving the structure of China’s population.

three children policy
At the same time, this policy will bring new incremental space to the maternal and infant, education and other industries, which is a favorable policy. Infant formula milk powder is an important part of the maternal and infant industry.

Increase in Consumption

Since goat milk powder is more conducive to the absorption of Chinese babies, so the Chinese mothers prefer goat milk powder.

Goat Milk Powder
Goat Milk Powder

According to the “White Paper on Global Goat Milk Powder Industry Development in 2020”, the average annual consumption growth rate of China’s goat milk powder market has remained at 16% since 2015. In addition, according to relevant industry insiders, China’s goat milk powder market has reached 14.8 billion in year 2020. But in 2015 this figure was only 5 billion.


There is no doubt that goat milk powder is in a rapid “heating up” stage in recent years. Therefore, domestic and foreign formula milk powder manufacturers, including New Zealand and the Netherlands, are rapidly deploying. Chinese mothers have diversified and differentiated choices based on their own needs. In the survey, it was found that China Baoma prefers goat milk powder of mature foreign brands.
Deploying Market
We visited the market and found that there are currently two packaging methods for goat milk powder on the Chinese market.
The packaging methods are the following:
Goat Milk Powder
They are, respectively: Canned, Bottled, Bagged, Pouched.


How Goat Milk Powder Canned Packaging?
Regarding canning, a canning production line that is usually used. The main components of this production line are auger filling machine and seaming machine.

Of course, the auger filling machine can adopt the reasonable fully automatic auger filling machine that according to different needs. For example, the linear type is economical, the Fill-by-Weight type has outstanding accuracy, and so on. Click on the Automatic Auger Filler Machine to learn more.

In addition, if you want the canned goat milk powder to have a longer shelf life. Vacuum infill nitrogen filling and seaming machine is a super ideal choice. Chick the Milk Powder Canning Line to learn more.


How Goat Milk Powder Bottled Packaging?
For goat milk powder bottle filling, we also using the auger filling machine with sturdy conveying device. It goes through the processes of filling, capping, labeling, and coding successively.
Please visit Powder Bottle Filling Capping Labeling Machine to learn more.


How Goat Milk Powder Bagged Packaging?
First of all, it is necessary to know whether the bag is prefabricated or formed from a film.
If it is premade bag, then the PFS Pick-Fill-Seal Packaging machine is meet the need.
If it formed from a film, then the VFFS Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine is meet the need.

You will find that their dosing system are using the auger filling machine.


How Goat Milk Powder Pouched Packaging?
In fact, the small pouch packaging can also use VFFS packaging machine. But we have more economical options for different pouch sealing forms, or special shapes. Here, we will not start a detailed description. In the future post, we will analyze how to choose an automatic pouch packing machine.

At the same time, we encourage you to contact us. And tell us your needs, we will have a professional export team to contact you and provide suitable solutions. Finally, we hope you will deploy goat milk powder packaging machines as soon as possible after reading this article and occupy the market of goat milk powder.

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