Best Flexible Packaging Method: VFFS Vacuum Packaging Machine

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VFFS vacuum packaging machine is a type of VFFS packaging machine. The full name of VFFS is “Vertical Form Fill Seal.” VFFS vacuum packaging machine combines the advantages of vertical bag Bagging technology and vacuum packaging technology to achieve efficient sealing and vacuum packaging of products. It is commonly used in the food industry to extend the shelf life of food. This packaging machine adopts an automated control system and can adapt to various packaging needs. In addition, these machines are often highly sustainable and energy efficient to meet modern production requirements.

Unique Advantage of VFFS Vacuum Packaging Machine: Vacuum

The main advantage of the VFFS vacuum packaging machine over other VFFS packaging machines is its vacuum function. This vacuum packaging machine packs hard particle products such as cereals, nuts, candies, coffee beans, and dog food. It can protect these products from oxygen, moisture, and bacteria, preventing product deterioration, oxidation, and damage. By creating a vacuum environment, the quality and taste of hard granular products are the same as the fresh, and their shelf life is longer than before. Vacuum packaging can meet consumer demand for high-quality products.

Main Features of the VFFS Vacuum Packing Machine Produced by VTOPS

1. Chinese and English Bilingual Screen Display

The machine adopts Chinese and English bilingual screen display to meet the needs of multi-language operation. Its core control system uses PLC (programmable logic controller) to make operations more precise and efficient. Servo motors effectively ensure the stability and accuracy of the packaging process and improve production efficiency. The packaging machine offers excellent user-friendliness, and operators can adjust the parameters without downtime.

2. Stainless Steel Material

The vertical form fill seal vacuum packing machine produced by VTOPS adopts the structural design of high-quality stainless steel materials and complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Production Practice) standards. Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and is adaptable to various packaging environments. It provides an ideal solution for high-standard food vacuum sealing. Its material selection ensures the durability and hygiene of the machine, preventing cross-contamination between materials and packaged food.

3. Automatic Alarm Protection Function

This vacuum bag sealer is designed with various automatic alarm protection functions to ensure stable operation of the equipment and product quality. These intelligent protection mechanisms not only improve production efficiency but also minimize machine wear. Through these protection functions, VFFS vacuum packaging machines can reduce the repair and maintenance burden on operators. These features effectively avoid the risk of unplanned downtime and equipment failure, ensuring continuous, reliable production.

4. Dual Servo Motor System

One of the proud features of this VFFS vacuum packaging machine is its dual servo motor system. This advanced technological device enables the machine to excel in the packaging process, providing a range of significant advantages. First, dual servo motors ensure exact film positioning, ensuring packaging consistency and quality. Secondly, dual servo motors have faster packaging speed, significantly improving production efficiency. In addition, the dual servo motor system also has excellent responsiveness and accuracy and can accurately control the size and shape of the bag to adapt to various packaging needs.

5. Independent Temperature Control System

The independent temperature control system provides excellent temperature control accuracy with an astonishing ±1°C accuracy. During the packaging process, operators can adjust and control the temperature of each heat-sealing part independently. It can ensure the vacuum sealing quality of the bag and the safety and freshness of the packaged products. Precise temperature control prevents heat loss or overheating of materials, thereby maintaining packaging quality and integrity.

6. Vacuum Function

The best feature of this machine is its excellent vacuuming capabilities. During the packaging process, this function can quickly extract the air from the packaging bag and create a vacuum environment. The vacuum environment helps reduce the occurrence of oxidation reactions and extend the shelf life of food and other products. The vacuum function not only ensures the hygiene and safety of the packaging but also improves the quality and freshness of the product. This vacuuming function suits various hard granular, including coffee beans, nuts, candies, pharmaceuticals, and other oxygen-sensitive goods. It provides manufacturers with an efficient and reliable packaging method, reducing food waste and improving packaging efficiency.

What Types of Films Do VFFS Vacuum Packaging Machines Use?

VFFS vacuum packaging machines usually use multi-layer composite film, polyester film, polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene composite film, and other types of films to package hard particles. These film types provide preservation and packaging properties suitable for different hard granular products:
1. Multi-layer composite film: This film is usually composed of multiple layers of materials, including polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, etc. They provide preservation, moisture resistance, and protective properties. This film is suitable for packaging hard granular products such as nuts, candies, potato chips, etc. Composite membranes are usually two or three layers with a thickness of 0.04-0.12 mm.
2. Polyester film: Polyester film is often used for packaging hard granular products such as nuts and candies. It is extremely tear-resistant and transparent.
3. Polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene composite film: This composite film combines the oxygen barrier properties of aluminum foil and the flexibility of polyester/polyethylene and is suitable for hard granular products that require higher freshness preservation properties.

How to Choose the Suitable VFFS Vacuum Packaging Machine

Choosing the suitable VFFS vacuum packaging machine requires consideration of several factors, including product type, packaging needs, manufacturer, and budget:
1. Determine the characteristics of the product you want to package, such as shape, size, and hardness.
2. Consider the required packaging speed and level of automation to meet production needs.
3. It is crucial to choose a reliable manufacturer with excellent technical support and after-sales service to ensure machine performance and reliability.
4. Budget is also a key consideration, and you need to ensure that the machine you choose falls within your budget while delivering the required features and performance.


Consumers’ increasing health awareness and pursuit of sustainable development have made vacuum packaging technology a hot demand in the market. They want food and products to stay fresh for longer while maintaining higher nutritional value. Vacuum packaging technology helps achieve these goals. VTOPS produces VFFS vacuum packaging machines with advanced technology, whose innovation and reliability make them the first choice for the food and packaging industries. Choosing VTOPS means choosing excellent packaging solutions, and we will provide a lasting guarantee for the packaging quality of your products.

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