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Original price was: $3,990.Current price is: $2,990.

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The DZQ series Multi-Function Vertical Vacuum Sealing Machine is an external vacuum sealer from the LO series, known for its versatile functionality. With ten programmable memory presets, it accommodates a range of packaging needs. Capable of gas filling, vacuuming, and sealing, this machine significantly prolongs the shelf life of products. It caters to businesses that require efficient packaging for larger items in big bags. This machine stands as a reliable and pragmatic choice for those seeking long shelf-life packaging solutions.

Multi functions

  • Function 1: Sealing only
  • Function 2: Vacuum-seal
  • Function 3: Gas-fill seal
  • Function 4: Vacuum gas-fill-seal
  • Function 5: Gas-fill vacuum-seal
  • Function 6: Vacuum-gas gas-fill vacuum-seal
  • Function 7: Gas-fill vacuum-gas gas-fill-seal
  • Function 8: Vacuum-gas gas-fill vacuum-gas fill-seal

The functions of DZQ series vertical vacuum sealing machine may not be fully described, please contact us for details.


  • Supply 8 functions.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • SUS 304 machine body.
  • 600-1200mm seal length.
  • CE Approved.
  • User start the machine by step the pedal.
  • Support different material and thickness of bags.
  • Only cost 15s-20s per cycle.
  • Low gas consumption, and it can fill sufficient gas into bag.
  • Memorize 10 different packing set.
  • Automatic counting packing cycles.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Equipped with oil/water separator and dust filter.
  • Installed with brakeable caster. Easy to move and stop.
  • Height/angle of machine head is adjustable.
  • Length of nozzle is adjustable.
  • Special button to clean inside hose automatically.
  • Easy to lift/drop machine head by press up/down button.
  • Pressure and flow rate of the inject gas is adjustable.
  • Low noise.


1. Suitable item. Solid item like beans, cloth, electric components, dry food, tea, fruit, vegetables, hardware etc.
2. Not suitable for powder/liquid, or product which sensitive with pressure.
3. Package weight shall be less than 200Kg.
4. Bag size shall be bigger than 20*30cm.
5. Bag type. Bag with zipper, folder, or 3-seal side.
6. Bag material. Paper, plastic, aluminium. Thick and big bag is acceptable.


DZQ-600LO DZQ-700LO DZQ-800LO DZQ-900LO DZQ-1000LO DZQ-1200LO
Seal size 600*8mm 700*8mm 800*8mm 900*8mm 1000*8mm 1200*8mm
Maxi bag width 580mm 680mm 780mm 880mm 980mm 1180mm
Seal Height Adjustable from 740mm to 1260mm
Nozzle number 1 nozzle
Material SUS 304
Voltage AC Single-phase 220V [1]
Power 0.75-1.2KW
Heat system Single heat system
Controller Waterproof digital controller, language in English
Function 8 different functions with vacuum, gas flush, seal.
Spare parts 1 set wrench, allen key, teflon cloth, heat strip, English manual
Dimensions (L*W*H) 95*96*180cm 95*96*180cm 95*96*180cm 125*96*180cm 125*96*180cm 133*96*180cm
Net weight 130KG 140KG 150KG 180KG 190KG 230KG
Air compressor Air compressor is required for this machine, buyer shall prepare it himself.
[1]: Voltage can be customized as single-phase 110V or three-phase 380V.



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Nitrogen Gas Filling Fresh-keep Vacuum Sealing Machine | DZQ


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DZQ series Nitrogen Gas Filling Fresh-keep Vacuum Sealing MachineNitrogen Gas Filling Fresh-keep Vacuum Sealing Machine | DZQ
Original price was: $3,990.Current price is: $2,990.
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We prefer to you to bring your needs to email [email protected] or WhatsApp!