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Dry Powder Packing Machine

A Dry Powder Packing Machine is a machine that packs dry powder or powderly granular in bags or other containers. For example: plastic jars, metal tin cans, glass bottles, etc. VTOPS powder packaging machines can handle all your free-flowing dry powders and non-free-flowing dry powders. Click here to learning how to determine if your product is free-flowing or non-free-flowing. For the non-free-flowing dry powder, such as, flour, protein powder, dusting powder, baby powder, body powder, powdered milk. We usually dosing and filling by auger filler. For the free-flowing dry powder, such as, Protein Powder, Dusting Powder, Baby Powder, Body Powder, Powdered Milk. VTOPS supply both fully-automatic and semi-automatic powder packing machines which has been proven to be quality and effective. Our auger powder filler machines and vertical form fill and seal machines ensure products like sugar, powdered milk, detergent, and flour are packaged accurately.

How Powder Packing Machine Works?

1, Semi-Automatic
2, Bottle Automatic
VFFS Automatic
Pre-made Pouch Automatic

Optional Device

There are a few options available at this point in the powder packing process. They are following:

Dust Collecting

A dust collector (also named dust sucking device) can be utilized to remove any extra airborne particulates when powder filling.


The Fill-By-Weight system is a system which weighing while filling, the filling weight are detecting in real time. The filled or packed accuracy are granter than 99.7% or higher. This system is an ideal choose for you if your packing weight more than 500 grams.

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