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Premade Pouch Powder Pick-Fill-Seal Packing Machine with Auger Doser

The powder pick-fill-seal packing machine of model VTOPS-GD-A integrates an auger doser metering device, which is mainly using to packaging various dry powdered materials into performed bags or pouches. The machine is one set of intelligent filling and sealing machine for powder.


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1. Features:

  • 1. Fully automatic intermittent rotary to filling in performed bags or pouch.
  • 2. The machine combination auger filling doser and screw conveyor feeder.
  • 3. Safety frame guard protect to high speed and consistent production.
  • 4. Heavy duty components and parts are selected for pick-fill-seal machine durability.
  • 5. Hygienic construction and easy cleaning. Operator friendly design touch-screen control system.
  • 6. Versatile in design, easy to link up with other doser packaging equipment, such as liquid filler, powder filler, multi-heads weigher, metal detector, checkweigher, case sealer and so on.
  • 7. Innovative and practical solution at reasonable costs.
  • 8. In addition, dust control and extractor system is optional.

Applications for this kind of packaging machines
Powder: Spices, monosodium glutamate, salt, glucose, refined sugar, milk powder, washing powder, pesticidesfertilizers, chemical raw materials.

2. Working Process Flow Chart:

The typical flow chart of pick-fill-seal (PFS) packing machine is following, take an 8-station rotary machine as an example:

  • 1. Pick/load the performed bags or pouch;
  • 2. Hot Foil Coding;
  • 3. Bags Opening;
  • 4. Filling;
  • 5. Filling (Reserve);
  • 6. Heat sealing;
  • 7. Heat sealing;
  • 8. Forming and output product;

3. Model Explanation:

Such as: VTOPS-GD8-A220B

  • VTOPS: Brand of VTOPS
  • GD: Given Style Premade Bag Rotary Packing Machine
  • 8: 8 Working Position
  • A: Metering System is Auger Filler
  • 220: Maximum width of Premade-Bag
  • B: B Generation



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Premade Pouch Powder Pick-Fill-Seal Machine | VTOPS-GD-A

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