Dryer and Packing Machine Make Grain Pellets Smoother Storage

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Use Grain Dryers And Grain Packing Machine To Get Grain Pellets Back Into Storage

In previous years, the summer grain harvest season often encountered continuous rainy weather. Farmers are always worried about the weather when facing the grain in the fields. If grain harvest hits the flood season, it may mean a large area of grain loss or even no harvest. However, with the development of modern technology, farmers’ dependence on the weather has become a thing of the past. The application of grain packing machine and dryers allows farmers to have a good grasp of grain harvest and storage.

Grain Harvest

Grain filling packing machine can provide packing for grain in the first step. Specifically, when farmers harvest the grain, the bulk grain first needs to packaging in woven bags. After that, the packaged grains are dried in batches. To achieve the purpose of preserving food for as long as possible. Compared with traditional manual packing, automatic or semi-automatic automatic grain packing machine saves a lot of time and labor on packing. For example, Vibratory weigh fillers mainly adopt the mode of linear net weight vibration to weigh grain particles of uneven size. This method of operation first guarantees accuracy during the weighing process.

Secondly, the work that may have required 3-4 manual workers can now be completed by one person. Finally, the packaging speed is far superior to manual filling and sealing. This increases the efficiency of the entire packaging process. Specifically, high efficiency and low labor requirements ensure that farmers can quickly pack the grains for the next drying process after harvesting.

Grain Drying

After that, the grain dryer can generate a lot of hot air in a short time. And it can kill the pest eggs and solve the problem of grain drying through high temperature treatment. Dryers generally use digital control and detection to circulate and humidify the air. In addition, heating is effectively controll. With the improvement of grain varieties, the increase of unit yield and the increase of investment in grain drying equipment in China. More and more large, medium and small grain drying facilities are being built. Farmers can choose suitable grain dryers to dry grains according to different grain types and grain yields.

Grain Drying in Sun to Storage
Grain Drying in Sun to Storage

Before there were no grain dryers, farmers needed to put their harvested grains to dry in the sun. If the weather is good, farmers can dry the grain for a day or two. But in rainy days, farmers can’t do that and can only watch the grain go mildew. That means months of farmers hard work wasted if they are not complete the process of grain storage. Traditional grain drying methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Farmers need to move the grain out to dry and return it to the warehouse again and again. This is to prevent incomplete drying. Finally, there is also a loss of food in the process. The grain dryer dries the grain quickly and without repeating it many times. In addition, the drying capacity of the dryer is considerable. A single dryer can dry tons of grain in a day.

Government Subsidy

However, although the dryer and food grains packing machine are convenient and easy to use, the price is prohibitive for ordinary families. But don’t worry, in terms of Grain Storage, China has introduced relevant agricultural machinery subsidy policies. This initiative has helped farmers reduce the financial burden. Specifically, according to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China on June 21[1], the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in response to the “Suggestions on Promoting Grain Saving and Loss Reduction Projects to Ensure National Food Security”: In March 2021, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance Jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy from 2021 to 2023”.

At the same time, the implementation of a new round of policies will continue to include the machinery and tools required for the production of important agricultural and livestock products such as grain and live pigs into the scope of subsidies. Among them, grain dryers is in the scope of national subsidized equipment for many years. In 2021, the central government will invest 310 million yuan to subsidize the purchase of 7,880 grain dryers, benefiting 3,367 farmers and agricultural production and operation organizations.

Moreover, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated that the next step will guide all localities to earnestly implement the “Food Conservation Action Plan” and relevant regulations on the implementation of subsidy policies. Give full play to the guiding role of policies and include more qualified green and efficient drying machines into the subsidy scope. Accelerate the improvement of grain drying capacity and provide solid equipment support for ensuring the effective supply of grain and other important agricultural products. At the same time, in terms of grain packing machine price, VTOPS also provides consumers with machines with high-cost performance and reasonable price. In addition, local governments are also actively giving policy support, establishing drying plants to help farmers solve the problems of grain storage and drying.

Corn grain packing machine and grain dryer benefit farmers to Storage Grain. Their combination improves the packing and drying speed of grains. It also saves labor costs and reduces losses. The combined use of grain dryer and grain packing machine increases the grain reserves of families, farmers and even the country to a certain extent.


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