VTOPS Exported An Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine to Germany

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd exported one set of linear type automatic auger powder filling machine to Mr. Chris from Germany on May 21st, 2020.

Linear Type Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine

Linear Auger Filler Filling Machine

Mr. Chris is a director from a Germeny company which producing nutritional supplements food powders. The company has a certain reputation in the German food market, their major sales channels is online-sale.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, more and more people attach importance to contactless social and health. This has also promoted the online hot sales of healthy nutrition powders. As sales increased, Mr. Chris needed a new auger powder filling machine to increase production. And the delivery time of the new machine also needs to be as short as possible.

Firstly: Detailed Requirements

  • 1). Filling Material: Supplements food powders.
    Some of free-flow product, and some of non-free flow.
  • 2). Filling Weight: 100-3000grams.
  • 3). Filling Container: Hard container, such as: plastic jars, metal tin cans.
  • 4). Bottle Height: 122mm to 260mm.
  • 5). Bottle Mouth Diameter: Between 35 and 85mm.
  • 6). Easy to clean when convert different powders.

Second: Order and Manufacturing

Mr. Chris and his technical team analyzed and compared the videos and cases provided by VTOPS, and finally decided to order one set of autoamtic powder filling machine as a sample from Zhengzhou Vtops Machiner Co Ltd. They believe that the VTOPS machine is more competitive price than the same powder filling machine in Germany and Europe, and that many customers in Europe have praised of brand of VTOPS.

Mr. Chris placed the order to VTOPS through Secured Trade on May 2, 2020. “This is a new attempt which buying somthing from China. I am willing to understand China and have more business with Chinese companies”. And said: “I hope VTOPS provide the automatic powder auger filling machine with good quality, but deliver as fast as possible becuase it’s really urgent. I believe we will have more cooperation in the future.”

Considering the production status of Mr. Chris’ company, the VTOPS sales team and the production department negotiated and decided to arrange this order as an urgent order. It took only two weeks to complete this order. Mr. Chris is very appreciated for the support VTOPS team provided.

Third: Video Outgoing-Inspection

Fourth: Delivery

As Mr. Chris said, after having finished this order, he thinks it will not be the last business between them. To provide customers with quality products and good service has been committed since they entered the packing machine industry, VTOPS are confident and capable to bring customers a more satisfactory cooperation experience. Because of this, they have gained a lot of old customers. VTOPS Thanks again to all partners for their trust and support.

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