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Net Weight Auger Filler Equipped Weighing Desk | VTOPS-P2D
Net Weight Auger Filler Equipped Weighing Desk | VTOPS-P2D

One of the major advantages of Fill-By-Weight Auger Fillers is their high precision. This filling machine uses a weighing mechanism such as a load cell to measure and control the product’s weight rather than relying on volume or other less precise methods. The fill-by-weight filling method is incredibly useful in industries requiring precise measurements, such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals.

Because this machine constantly checks and adjusts the auger filler speeds during the filling process, it can ensure that the weight of the contents of each package is extremely accurate. For consumers, this means that they can trust the weight marked on the package. Moreover, this filling method can help manufacturers control their costs more accurately, avoiding waste from overfilling or underfilling.

How choose the type of Fill-By-Weight Auger Fillers greatly depends on the desired fill weight and the specific container used for filling. The machines come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate a wide range of weights, from as little as 0.5 kilograms up to 50 kilograms and even more.

Furthermore, the type of container can also influence the choice of machine and weighing method. For example, there are different filling and weighing systems between filling rigid containers like cans or bottles and filling flexible packages like woven bags and plastic bags.

Net Weight Auger Filler Equipped Weighing Desk | VTOPS-P2D

VTOPS-P2D (Desk)

1kg-6kg Fill-By-Weight for Sturdy Container

Net Weigh Auger Filler Filling Machine

VTOPS-P2C (Clamp Pouch)

1kg-6kg Fill-By-Weight for Pre-made Pouch

10kg Dry Powder Net Weigh Auger Filler | VTOPS-DGS-10F

VTOPS-DGS-10F (Woven bag)

2kg-10kg Fill-By-Weight for Pre-made Pouch

50kg Big Bag Net Weigh Auger Filler Dry Powder Weighing Filling Machine | VTOPS-DGS-50F

VTOPS-DGS-50F (Woven bag)

5kg-50kg Fill-By-Weight for Pre-made Pouch

It’s also important to consider the product flow characteristics and the environment in which the filler operates. Some products require specialized handling to maintain quality, and some production environments require specific design features to meet hygiene or safety standards. All these factors must be considered to ensure optimal performance and accuracy of the Fill-By-Weight Auger Filler.

Filling Weight 1 kgs – 6 kgs 1 kgs – 6 kgs 2kg-10kg 5kg-50kg
Filled Error ≤ ±0.3% ≤ ±0.3% ≤ ±0.3% ≤ ±0.3%
Weighing Method Clamp and Hold Device Platform Scale Device Clamp and Hold Device Clamp and Hold Device
Application Bags, Pouches Bottles, Jars, Pails Bags, Pouches Bags, Pouches
Measurement Method Auger Filler Auger Filler Auger Filler Auger Filler
Entrance Height 1600 mm 1600 mm
Entrance Diameter 150 mm 150 mm
Nozzle Ground Clearance 800 mm 860 mm 750 mm 1260 mm
Filling Speed 0-12 fills/min 0-12 fills/min 3-12 fills/min 3-8 fills/min
Contact Materials 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel
HMI LCD Touch Screen LCD Touch Screen LCD Touch Screen LCD Touch Screen
Control System PLC PLC PLC PLC
Hopper Volume 50 Liters 50 Liters 70 Liters 100 Liters
Monitorable Hopper    
Air Consumption 0.3 cm3/min 1.6 cm3/min 1.6 cm3/min
Machine Weight 200 Kg 200 Kg 250 Kg 350 Kg
Voltage AC 3P 380V 50Hz AC 3P 380V 50Hz AC 3P 380V 50Hz AC 3P 380V 50Hz
Power 1.5Kw 1.5Kw 1.7Kw 2.5Kw
Dimensions 80*80*200 cm 80*80*200 cm 120*98*205mm 120*98*250cm

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