Powder bottle filling machine is one kind application of auger filler or auger dosing machine. It is suitable to fill 5 grams to 5000 grams of any powder in rigid containers including plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal tin cans, jars, tubs, buckets, boxes, drums and pails.

Powder Bottle Filling Machine Contents:

1. Automatic Glass/Plastic Powder Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic powder filling machine mainly consists of food grade auger filler, conveyor, and control parts. The container controls by a reliably container indexing to move and position. Usually, the indexing control device have two style of a linear style index device and a star-wheel style index device.

The container moving on conveyor and positioning under the funnel. Servo driven augur rotates when the container is sensed under the funnel. Servo driven auger to filling when container is sensed under the funnel. After the filling weight is corrected, continuous filling can be performed.

Economic Linear Type Automatic Auger Filler VTOPS-PSH-01 - Copyright by VTOPS
Rotary Type Automatic Powder Bottle Filling Machine - Copyright by VTOPS
Linear Type Automatic Auger Filling Machine VTOPS-PSH-L - Copyright by VTOPS

2. Semi-Automatic Powder Bottle Filling Machine

Semi-automatic powder bottle auger fillers is the ultimate in operator convenience and well suited for the filling tiny powder, ultra-fine powder and micro small granules.

Each semi-automatic dry powder auger filler are building on the reliable heavy-duty stainless steel frame. All the contact parts are made by food grade materials of 304 stainless steel. Therefore, semi-automatic auger filler is your idea choice for any customer to filling in bottles and jars.

In addition, semi-automatic powder bottle filling machines are not only suitable for bottles jars, they can measure and fill almost all containers.
Semi-Automatic Powder Bottle Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Powder Bottle Filler
Net Weight Powder Bottle Filler

Net Weight Powder Bottle Filler

Micro Doser Small Powder Bottle Filler

Micro Doser Small Powder Bottle Filler

1st: Linear Filling Capping for Bottle
2nd: Powder Filler Machine in Bottle Cans
3rd: Rotary Filling Capping for Bottle
4th: Milk Powder Filling Canning Line
2ND: Videos of Semi-Automatic are the following:
1st: 28 grams Flour
2nd: 500 grams Flour
3rd: 80 grams Black Tooth Powder
4th: 128 grams Pepper Powder

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