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Automatic Auger Fillers
Automatic Auger Fillers

Automatic auger fillers are packaging equipment designed to automate the filling process of containers such as tin cans, plastic jars, glass bottles, and so on with powdered or tiny granulated products using an auger mechanism. These machines offer several advantages over manual or semi-automatic auger filling methods, including increased speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

The container indexing controls reliably move and position containers for filling. Usually, the indexing control device have two style of a linear style index device and a star-wheel style index device.

A custom programmed programmable logic controller with touch screen provides precise selection and adjustment of fill amounts and machine functioning: providing easy setup, operation, and monitoring of the filling operation.
Economic Linear
Updated Linear
Updated Rotary
PDH Dual
Auger Fillers
Filling Weight 5g-2500g 5g-2500g 5g-2500g 5g-2500g 10g-2500g
Filled Error Less 1% Less 1% Less 1% Less 1% Less 1 gram
Measurement Auger Filler Auger Filler Auger Filler Double Fillers Auger Filler
Filling Speed 0-60 fills/min 0-60 fills/min 0-60 fills/min 0-60 fills/min 0-30 fills/min
Filling Motor Servo Motor Servo Motor Servo Motor Servo Motor Servo Motor
Indexing Control Linear Linear Star-wheel Star-wheel Star-wheel
Plexiglass Room Optional Optional Optional Optional
Height Adjustable
Monitorable Hopper
Easy Clean Hopper Optional
Hopper Volume 50 Liters 50 Liters 50 Liters 2 * 50 Liters 50 Liters
Dust Suck Device Optional Optional Optional
Contact Materials SUS 304 SUS 304 SUS 304 SUS 304 SUS 304
Air Consumption 25 Liters 25 Liters
Machine Weight 240 Kg 300 Kg 550 Kg 850 Kg 650 Kg
Power 3P 380V 2.0Kw 3P 380V 2.0Kw 3P 380V 2.5Kw 3P 380V 3.5Kw 3P 380V 2.0Kw
Dimensions 200*80*196cm 200*85*222cm 200*100*210cm 330*150*236cm 200*150*222cm
Bottle automatic auger filler machines are packaging equipment for filling bottles with powdered or tiny granulated products. These machines are designed to automate the filling process and ensure accuracy and efficiency in packaging various substances. The auger filling mechanism consists of a rotating auger screw, which moves the product from a hopper into the bottles. As the screw rotates, the product is drawn into the auger flight, and then dispensed into the bottles through a nozzle or funnel. When choosing a bottle automatic auger filler machine, it’s essential to consider factors such as the desired filling speed, product characteristics, container size range, and any specific industry requirements.
Multiple auger fillers are designed to provide fast, accurate, multi-position dispensing of dry powder products. Each auger filler consists of a common fill drive system, individually controlled auger, a product hopper, and a control system to separately control dispensing at each fill position. Multiple head auger filler machines are equipped with multiple auger filling heads that work simultaneously to increase filling efficiency and productivity.

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