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Semi-Automatic Tabletop Sticker Round Bottle Labeling Machine / Label Applicator Supplier

Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine suitable for all kinds labeling of cylindrical objects, small taper round bottles.Such as cosmetics round bottles, wine bottles and so on. It is available to achieve the labeling of a full circle and a half-circle of bottles.

The label applicator adopts a semi-automatic structure, needing only one operator. It uses the relative frequency converter to change speed; therefore, adjusting frequency will achieve different labeling speeds. In a specific range is adjustable for the labeling place and letter coding place (date coder).


  • 1. CE Approved.
  • 2. Suitable for labeling round bottle in different sizes.
  • 3. Efficiency can reach 20-40 times per minute.
  • 4. The position of the bottle is adjustable.
  • 5. Labeling effect is perfect such as no creases and no bubble. Good label quality will increase product competitiveness.
  • 6. Made of good brand sensor and electronic components, therefore performance is more stable.

Optional Device:

1. Circumferential location detection device. Labeling by positioning.
2. Printer (MT-50D included a ribbon coding machine). Print batch code and other information on the labels.

Photo Gallery of

MT-50D Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

MT-50D Bottle Labeling Machine

XL-T801 Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

VTOPS-XL-T801 Bottle Labeling Machine (Pro)

Technical Parameters:

Model MT-50D XL-T801
Bottles of Diameter 15-120 mm 10-150 mm
Label Roll Outer Diameter 275 mm 275 mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter 75 mm 75 mm
Width of Label 26-150mm 20-230mm
Length of Label 25-240 mm 20-300 mm
Labeling Speed 20-40 pcs/min 15-40 pcs/min
Labeled Error ±0.5 mm ±0.5 mm
Ribbon Coder Optional Included
Compressed Air No Need 0.3-0.4 Mpa
Voltage AC Single-Phase 220V [2] AC Single-Phase 220V [2]
Machine Weight 25 kg 35 kg
Gross Weight 35 kg 50 kg
Manufacturer Vtops Machinery Vtops Machinery

Related Knowledges

[1]: Both MT-50 and MT-50D are Chinese model. But MT-50D included a ribbon coding machine.
[2]: AC single-phase 110V voltage is optional.

Working Video

Ultimate Guide of How to Operate


Please download the latest operation manual and CE of Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine via the following links:
1. CE Certificate CE of Labeling Machines
2. Operation Manual of VTOPS-MT-50 Series
3. Operation Manual of VTOPS-XL-T801 Labeling Machine


3 reviews for Semi-Automatic Tabletop Sticker Round Bottle Labeling Machine Supplier

  1. E. Diaz

    Excellent product. It met me by air freight, was fixed and packed in a strong wooden box, and worked as expected when it arrived.???

  2. Dinesh pathak

    I need MT -50D on urgent basis

  3. Marshall Holzer

    After a few minutes of setup, I was labeling my jars without a hitch. The included instructions left a bit to be desired, but it was easy enough to figure out the assembly, alignment, and positioning. The machine is well-built and very solid.

    I was concerned that the weight of a 32-ounce HDPE wide-mouth jar wouldn’t be sufficient for the label to adhere properly, but with proper roller setup to position it correctly, it’s just fine.

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Semi-Automatic Tabletop Sticker Round Bottle Labeling Machine Supplier

SKU XL-801 Category Tag

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labeling machineSemi-Automatic Tabletop Sticker Round Bottle Labeling Machine Supplier
Original price was: $1,090.Current price is: $990.
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