Semi-Automatic Auger Filler exported to Bulgaria on October 2019

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Chili powder is one of the indispensable condiments in cooking and is popular for its spicy taste. Among them, Bulgaria’s fried chili powder is the most famous. Bulgarian fried chili powder, or fried paprika, is so famous because it is unique in terms of quality and flavor. The red pepper cultivation conditions here are unique, with sufficient sunshine and a suitable climate. These factors help the red pepper grow varieties rich in pigment and flavor. After picking, the peppers are sun-dried until completely dry and then ground into a fine powder, retaining their spiciness while exuding a rich, fruity flavor.

This fried chili powder is not only popular in native Bulgarian dishes, such as the famous “Shkembe chorba” and “Sarcha,” but is also widely popular in international cuisine. People use it to season grilled meats, stews, soups and sauces, giving food a unique spiciness and depth of texture. Due to its rich chili aroma and unique spicy taste, Bulgarian fried chili powder has become an indispensable item in global cooking. It attracts the favor of chefs and diners from all over the world, and wins international recognition for Bulgaria’s gastronomic culture.

Fried Chili Powder
Fried Chili Powder

Bulgarian Fried Chili Powder Market Overview

The development of the Bulgarian fried chili powder industry is quite impressive. This industry has built a solid reputation in international markets, respected for its high-quality products and unique flavors. Due to its excellent quality, Bulgarian fried chili powder enjoys a wide market share in the international market.

The Bulgarian government also actively supports the sustainable development of the fried chili powder industry. The government promotes the growth of this industry by providing agricultural subsidies, promotes the improvement of quality standards, and encourages farmers to adopt modern planting and production techniques. In the future, as the international market demand for diverse cuisine continues to grow, the Bulgarian fried chili powder industry will continue to flourish. It provides important support and opportunities for the country’s economic growth and rural communities.

VTOPS Supplies Semi-Automatic Auger Filler to Bulgarian Customer

VTOPS is pleased to provide a semi-automatic auger filler to Bulgarian customer Mr.Nikolay. The customer is a manufacturer of fried chili powder in Bulgaria, but its production and packaging efficiency is not high enough, resulting in low profits. After Mr. Nikolay learned that the auger filler has high production efficiency, he took the initiative to find VTOPS and hoped to purchase an auger filler.

VTOPS’s sales Miya communicated in detail with Mr. Nikolay and understood his needs. Miya finally recommended the VTOPS-P2 semi-automatic auger filler to him. The machine is easy to operate and has an LCD touch screen and PLC, so non-professionals can also learn to operate it. Filling range of the machine is from 20g to 4000g, which can meet Mr. Nikolay’s different filling needs. The machine fills accurately with minimal error. After Mr.Nikolay learned more about the machine, he quickly decided to purchase it. After reaching the cooperation, VTOPS shipped the machine to Bulgaria in October 2019.

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Semi-Automatic Auger Filler exported to Bulgaria

Production Process of Fried Paprika

  1. Harvest and processing: The growing season of peppers is generally in summer. When the peppers mature, farmers will harvest them. Harvested peppers usually undergo preliminary processing such as cleaning, stem removal, and seed removal to prepare for subsequent processing.
  2. Drying: The processed peppers will be placed in the sun for drying. The purpose of this step is to thoroughly dry the peppers to reduce their moisture content for subsequent grinding.
  3. Grinding: The dried chili peppers are fed into equipment, usually a mill, where they are ground into a fine powder. This process requires ensuring that the ground powder is uniform in texture and free of any impurities.
  4. Sieving and Quality Control: The ground chili powder is sieved through a sieve to remove particles and residue from the powder. At the same time, quality control is carried out to ensure that the chili powder meets predetermined standards, including color, aroma and spiciness.
  5. Packaging: After quality control is completed, the packaigng machines will pack chili powder into special packaging bags or containers. These packages are usually light-resistant, moisture-proof and airtight to preserve the freshness and quality of the chili powder.
  6. Labeling and packaging decoration: Labels will be added to the packaging to indicate necessary information such as the product’s name, production date, quality mark, food safety information, and manufacturer’s contact information. A high-quality labeling machine is necessary for manufacturers. In addition, packaging decoration may also be performed to enhance the appeal of the product.
  7. Storage and Distribution: Packaged chili powder is usually stored under appropriate warehouse conditions to ensure that it remains fresh. The products can then be distributed to domestic and international markets for use by the restaurant industry, retailers and consumers.
Fried Chili Powder in Different Packaging Forms
Fried Chili Powder in Different Packaging Forms

Semi-automatic Auger Filler Improves Packaging Efficiency of Fried Chili Powder

The semi-automatic auger filler can significantly improve the packaging efficiency of fried paprika. This machine can accurately fill a predetermined amount of chili powder into packaging containers through an automated auger feeding system. It reduces the time and labor required for manual operations and improves packaging consistency and accuracy. This greatly improves production efficiency, reduces waste, and ensures consistent product quality.


Auger filling machines are popular for their precise filling. Its unique design and precision operation ensure that each package contains the exact amount of product, which is crucial for powdered products such as fried paprika. Not only that, the auger filling machine can also efficiently handles large-volume packaging needs and improve production efficiency. At the same time, it achieves low packaging costs, which is a significant competitive advantage for manufacturers. The auger filler produced by VTOPS provide each customer with reliable packaging solutions, effectively promoting business success and growth.

Trading Information

  • Mr. Nikolay come from Bulgaria.
  • VTOPS proud offer a Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machine (VTOPS-P2) to Mr. Nikolay.
  • Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machine of model VTOPS-P2 is a hot sale auger filler from VTOPS.
  • Filling Weight: 20g-4000g (Totally 3 unit auger screw and auger tube).
  • The Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machine of model VTOPS-P2 are euippment LCD touch screen and PLC.

Delivery Photos:

Semi-Automatic Auger Filler Ready to Ship
Semi-Automatic Auger Filler Ready to Ship
Semi-Automatic Auger Filler Ready to Ship

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