Solve the Labels Warping Problem to Ensure the Quality of Food Labeling

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In April of the year 2019, the Customs General Administration of the People’s Republic of China officially implemented the new policy of importing prepackaged food labeling regulations [1] to protect imported food safety and consumer rights. At the same time, it is also a general trend for food to be affixed with qualified Chinese labels. To achieve visual effects, users need to solve the problems of tilting and warping in the label. So how to solve the label warping problem?

It is understood that the new implementation of the import supervision system for prepackaged food labels has not only reduced the burden on enterprises but also enhanced the implementation of corporate responsibility, increased penalties for violations of laws, and safeguarded the safety of imported food and consumer.

At present, the phenomenon of imported Chinese prepackaged foods without labels still exists and accounts for a considerable proportion. However, it is an irresistible trend to attach qualified Chinese labels before importing food. Besides, when adding labels, it is also necessary to avoid the warping of the label and ensure its quality.

Food labels mainly refer to words, graphics, symbols, and instructions on prepackaged foods. According to regulations, food labels should be clear, eye-catching, and long-lasting. They should be easily identifiable and readable by consumers when they purchase. Of course, if the food label is not strong, the label and shed will make it impossible for the consumer to read the product information.

A few days ago, some places carried out on-the-spot investigations on three types of prepackaged foods in bags, bottles, and boxes and released reports on the date of production of prepackaged foods, which were easy to remove and peel off.

The market has appeared on some prepackaged foods, so how can we effectively solve the label warping problem? In practice, almost every manufacturer has similar problems, and the solutions are various.

Generally, the stickiness on the label is weak, and the label cannot stick firmly to the product when labeling, which is more likely to cause a food label warp. Therefore, from the label, increase the viscosity of the label try to make the label stick firmly.

Not only that, if the material of the label is poor flexibility, once the Labeling Machine processing will be effortless to warp the label. Therefore, using soft label materials with good quality label ductility will significantly improve the warping label. At the same time, the shape of the label can also affect the quality of the prepackaged food label if the bottom end of the label as an arc can avoid the end of the deformation zone. However, the arc is not be opened too deep. Otherwise, the problem of the label itself is easy to cause fold, with twice the effort.

Besides, when the pressure of the labeling wheel is insufficient, the label will not completely align on the product’s surface, which may also cause the warping of the prepackaged food. Of course, warping can occur if the temperature is not controlled correctly during labeling.

Besides, it can also start from the labeling site environment. Generally speaking, in the process of labeling, the labeling equipment will generate friction during a long period of working, which will lead to some static electricity, which has a significant impact on the labeling effect. Some manufacturers said that there would be some improvement with the appropriate increase in labeling site humidity or choosing an ion fan. Also, the purchase of humidity control of labeling equipment improves the cleanliness of the interior, so that labeling away from dust and improve the quality of the product labeling.

With the new regulation on imported prepackaged food, the supervision on the label of imported prepackaged food will be further strengthened. And penalties for illegal ACTS will be increased, and the safety of imported food and the rights and interests of consumers will be guaranteed. Also, thanks to the favorable industrial policies on imported food, China’s scale has been expanding in recent years, bringing enormous opportunities for the food markets development. However, enterprises to seize the opportunity simultaneously solve the labels warping problem more to ensure the quality of the label, achieve visual effects, and avoid the warping.

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