The Nutrition Meal Replacement Food Market May Reach 100 Billion Yuan. Filling Packaging Machine Will Help the Development of The Nutrition Meal Replacement Food Industry.

The replacement meal that is born because of loss weight is becoming the choice of many young white-collar workers for three meals a day. Which indirectly “detonates” the market scale in the field of meal replacement. The data shows that the size of China’s nutrition meal replacement food market has reached more than 57 billion in 2017. It is estimated that the Chinese meal replacement market will reach 120 billion yuan in 2020.
At present, nutrition meal replacement food forms include nutrition meal replacement powder, nutrition meal replacement stick, nutrition meal replacement biscuit, nutrition meal replacement porridge, nutrition meal replacement milkshake and so on.
Under industrial production conditions, powder auger filling machine and other filling packaging machines will contribute to the development of this industry.

Nutrition Meal Replacement Powder

Nutrition meal replacement powder is a single or comprehensive powdered powder product. It is mainly composed of cereals, beans, and potato ingredients, and the edible parts of fruits, roots, stems, and other plants are supplemented. The types of meal powders include fruit and vegetable meal replacement powder. The nutrition meal replacement powder processing production process includes raw material screening, cleaning, maturation, crushing, packaging, etc. So, the process involved different functional equipments, such as multi-grain cooking machine, pulverizer, powder filling machine , etc.

Nutrition Meal Replacement Stick

Nutrition meal replacement stick are generally more suitable for breakfast. It is better to have a cup of warm water when eating. The nutrition meal replacement stick is a kind of energy bar. This category is originally a sports nutrition product. Thanks to the environment of consumption upgrading and national fitness. Energy bars are gradually becoming popular and become a member of the healthy snack market. The most important reason is that the needs of most sports enthusiasts are readily available and ready-to-eat, and the energy bar is in line with this.

The nutrition meal replacement stick production process includes dozens of processes. Such as raw material processing, color protection, drying, pulverization, mixing and agitation, molding, baking, cooling, and packaging. Among them, the raw material pulverization process of the meal replacement bar needs to ensure that the diameter of the crushed grain does not exceed 3 mm. So as to better ensure the taste of the meal replacement bar.

Nutrition Meal Replacement Milkshake

The meal replacement milkshake mainly uses the milkshake to replace some or all of the food of the dinner. In addition to providing the necessary nutrients for the human body quickly. It also has the characteristics of high fiber, low calorie, and easy fullness. It is understood that the meal replacement milkshake is processed by raw material processing, sieving, compounding, mixing, filling, testing and so on.

The filling and sealing of the full-automatic aseptic filling production line are complete in aseptic environment. So the sanitary requirements for the filling environment are very high. It required that all media and packages entering the filling equipment must undergo aseptic treatment. And the surface of the filling equipment must also undergo aseptic treatment to ensure the filling quality and safety.


Meal replacement foods are very popular among young consumers, especially in the first-tier and second-tier cities. In terms of sales volume and number of consumers, the overall sales of meal replacement foods have grown steadily. It is easy to find that the future meal replacement food market has good development potential.

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