Things to Consider When Buying a Capping Machine

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Things to Consider When You Buying a Capping Machine

It is much more challenging to buying a capping machine perfect for your business from the existing market due to the many models and styles to dazzle you.

To help you make the right decision, VTOPS has analyzed several factors to help you in your search. They include the are following.

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Table of Contents

Type of lids

In terms of diameter, you may get caps ranging from 5mm to 130mm in diameter. Because of the wide variety of caps sizes, it’s impossible to use a single capping machine. Large-scale capping machines need the employment of vertical placement devices and cap tighteners.

You may be limited in capping machine selection options if you deal with very few closures. A caps sorting device for your capping machine may also be determined based on the caps’ diameter. Small vibratory systems may be required for sorting small closures. A bigger elevator sorter may be required for larger-cap diameters.

It would be best if you also considered cap geometry. Not only does the width-to-height ratio of caps limit the cap sorting options. It may also influence the type of capping machines you need for your application.

The Price of the Capping Machine

The price is another crucial element in picking and buying the correct capping machine based on your budget. When you received the varying pricing for the identical capping machine, did you find out the rationale behind it? For example, it’s worth thinking about why the price of this capping machine is $2,000 higher than that of that capping machine. And please never forget to check every aspect when you consider buying a capping machine.

However, never sacrifice quality over low pricing. While pricing is crucial in determining what to buy, the more considerable emphasis must be on value and quality. If you put cost first, you may end up purchasing a capping machine that will not serve the intended purpose.

Degree of Automation

The degree of automation of the capping process is one of the most significant limitations on manufacturing operations.
For instance, manual capping is a time-consuming technique that might offer serious health hazards. It may seem inexpensive at first, but it quickly becomes prohibitively costly. Also, it is laborious, and you will never be able to cap more than containers every minute. Therefore, there is much need for automated capping machines to enhance output. Semiautomatic capping devices provide better container filling rates per minute, like about ten containers every minute.

With a fully automated capping machine, you can manage to tighten approximately 30 to 60 containers in a minute. Despite the fast speed of automated capping machines, it comes with a high initial cost. But it would be best if you were not concerned, since the machine will increase your manufacturing output.

Technical Support

Before buying a capping machine to buy, evaluate the kind of technical support that will be required. Ensure that you will be able to provide or put in place all the necessary support for the use and maintenance of the capping machine you choose.

Typically, both semi-automatic capping machine and fully automatic capping machine requires specialized personnel to operate them. One operator can manage close to five completely automated capping machines at once. Therefore, you should take into consideration the number of skilled operators you need based on the number of machines you will install.

But remember, you may achieve a higher level of industrial output while using fewer workers. At Vtops Company, we guarantee a free installation fee. We also provide on-site training to your personnel.


Before finalizing the purchase of your favorite capping machine, verify the warranty term. The essential aspects to look at include closely covered by the warranty and those not included. It will help you plan accordingly to handle and maintain the capping machine to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Additionally, check out the servicing prices beyond the warranty term. For anything not covered in the warranty and what happened after the expiry of this warranty, you will have to pay on your own.

Generally, VTOPS offers a warranty period of up to two years. In case of any problem within this duration, you can contact us.

Electrical Requirements

Before choosing a suitable capping machine for your business, you should check its power consumption and what you can manage to supply. It is wise to confirm whether a domestic power source or commercial power will be appropriate for your capping machine.

Additionally, keep an eye on electrical requirements for the suitable capping machine you are about to purchase is using. You can test the power usage at the site before carrying it home.

Also, check after about eight hours of use, make sure it is still working. This way will allow you to figure out how much energy it can consume to capping a given number of containers.

Size of Factory

The company’s size determines the capping machine you will require to optimize production output. Usually, the larger the factory, the more advanced machines it requires to increase the rate of production. Therefore, it is wise to evaluate the size of your factory and the costs you can manage to procure the capping machines.

Also, you should be aware of the amount of land or space needed for the capping machines installation and working area before buying. It will help you select the appropriate size of the capping machine that would be best suitable for your business. Thus, it is essential to ascertain the precise space needed before placing the final purchase. Additionally, you should find out whether you will provide the appropriate area if more space is needed.

Size of Demand

Before deciding whether to purchase a capping machine for small, medium, and large-scale production, assess the gap you need to bridge. It is a critical factor to consider when acquiring equipment for your small company to avoid overspending on machine procurements.

Additionally, you must compare the output process to the needed utilities and pricing. Without a doubt, the ideal capping machine combines maximum production capacity with minimal utility requirements at an affordable price. So, when selecting the ideal capping machine, you will need to weigh all of these factors against the output.

You should also know your clients’ demands by verifying their feedback. It will help you select the appropriate capping machine to meet the growing gap.

Conclusion of Buying Capping Machine

Choosing an ideal capping machine may confuse you because many alternatives are offered today. For example, you will be confusing the pricing, using, quality, and other factors of the capping machine. But the procedure becomes less complex when you recognize your production ability, closures, cap styles, and future needs.

Given that different capping machines are designed for different caps and bottles. You can contact and free test your caps on the stocked top-quality capping machine at Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd.

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