VTOPS Helps Junhao to Obtain the New Version GMP Certification

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VTOPS Helps Junhao To Obtain The New Version Of Veterinary Drug GMP Certification

In 2021, Vtops Machinery helps Junhao Group obtain the new veterinary drug GMP certification version. Thanks to the Junhao Group for choosing VTOPS.

About Junhao Group

Junhao Group is a comprehensive modern enterprise of pet food. It focuses on the production, processing, sales of pet nutrition and snacks, covering an area of 18,000 square meters. The company cooperates with domestic and international famous scientific research institutions. They aim to create healthy and nutritious pet food.
Junhao group safety health
Junhao group safety health
The company owns dozens of patents related to pet-related trademarks and pet nutrition. It has more than 100 products in four categories (powder, tablet, paste, granule) of pet treats and pet nutrition. So it is a well-known large-scale OEM production, R&D, processing enterprise in China. At the same time, its Luxing brand was listed as one of the top ten brands and the most influential brand of China.

Development History:

  • In 2014, Junhao Group officially entered the pet industry and positioned itself pet nutrition and health care.
  • In 2016, Junhao Group updated the formula, optimized the category and team, and established an online channel.
  • In 2017, They invested in establishing a pet hospital to undertake OEM processing of pet food.
  • In 2018, They improved the product production line and established OEM strategic cooperation with more than 40 brands in the pet industry.
  • In 2019, Tt jointly launched the Liaocheng Pet Association with Good Bao Group and became the vice president unit.
  • In 2020, They reached a strategic partnership with CCTV, invested, and built a factory covering more than 30 acres. Besides that, they introduced advanced equipment, technology, high-quality talents to serve customers better.
  • In 2021, They upgraded the “100,000 purification workshop” launched ISO9000 certification, adding liquid filling, drying, soft granule packing, and other series pet nutrition.

New Intelligent Workshop

Intelligent Workshop In The Second Phase Of The New Factory Area Junhao Group makes pet nutrition with a professional, rigorous, and scientific attitude and makes a brand with the concept of integrity. They established a strict supervision system in each link from research and development, production, packaging, and sales. Therefore, they can ensure the quality and safety of products. And they provide efficient, safe, and high-quality pet nutrition for pet health. Meanwhile, they are committed to providing professional one-stop foundry services for each cooperative customer. After seven years’ development, Junhao Group put the second phase of the new plant into operation. The company now has two production plants covering an area of 18,000 square meters. It has a 100,000-level purification workshop and five fully automatic production lines. The annual output value is expected to exceed 100 million yuan. Moreover, they also have professional R&D laboratories, testing equipment, domestic leading pet nutrition foods filling packing production lines, etc. Therefore, it has attracted many OEM customers to cooperate. It has several fully automatic production lines for pet nutrition powder packing, pastes filling, tablet packing, liquid filling. And it continues to lead the industry standard.

Vtops Helps Junhao

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd participated in the preparation of the new factory. In other words, we provide a lot of filling and packaging equipment in line with the new version of veterinary drug GMP standards. What’s more, we have dozens of technical patents and invention patents. It also obtained the official certification of the national high-tech enterprise. It is a professional automatic intelligent machinery supplier for packaging and filling equipment. The equipment provided by VTOPS to Junhao is following:

Protein Powder Filling Packing Line

This protein powder tin can filling packing line production line includes, but is not limited to, powder filling equipment, sterilization equipment, cans seaming equipment, laser coding equipment, and so on. In addition, the seaming equipment is optional functions with vacuum infill nitrogen according to customers’ needs, which can better lock the nutrients of the original nutritional powder, thereby extending its shelf life. The Protein Powder Filling Packing Line Provides by VTOPS to helps Junhao Protein Powder Filling Packing Line Moreover, a laser coder is not only available to print the production date, expiration date, and batch number. But also available to print the logo, traceable QR code, and other information such as patterns or characters. Read more: A Video of Automatic Milk Powder Filling Canning Seaming Production Line for Metal Tin Cans

Whey Protein PFS Packaging Machine

The Pick Fill Seal Packaging Machine is an automatic machine for preformed bags and pouches. It can realize bag loading, date printing, bag opening, material weighing, filling, heat sealing, and finished bag take-out. It is suitable for automatic packaging of kinds of material, such as granular, powder, liquid, paste, etc. As a result, it is famous for significantly saving workforce and floor space for enterprises.
Photo of PFS Packaging Machine
Photo of PFS Packaging Machine
View More: PFS Packaging Machine

VFFS Packaging Machine

A vertical fill seal packaging machine is an automatic assembly-line product packaging system. The VFFS packaging machine integrates many functions, such as automatically dosing, filling, sealing, cutting, print. In other words, it rolls the film into a bag, fills the bag with product, and seals it vertically. So it sells well with the advantages of economy, speed, and space-saving. It can make pet food production more efficient. Vtops Machinery has different models for your reference depending on the packing material and bag size. junhao vffs packaging machine junhao vffs packaging machine[/caption] View More: VFFS Packaging Machine

Bottle Labeling Machine

Labeling machines dispense, apply, or print-and-apply sticker labels to various items, products, containers, or packages. According to the requirements of the pet food industry, some labeling machines can also print labels, such as the production date, expiration date, batch number, etc. We can label different bottles and jars, original bottles, square bottles, non-regular bottles. As one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of packaging machines, we also have semi-automatic and fully automatic labeling machines. Junhao Labeling Machine Junhao Labeling Machine View More: Labeling Machine

Good Service From VTOPS

VTOPS has an excellent team with rich experience and the courage to innovate. We also focus on product development and design, quality control and inspection, and thoughtful customer service. That means that the experienced staff members are always available to discuss customer requirements. Our packaging machines are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. These include such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Venezuela, etc. Adhering to the operating principle of mutual benefit, we enjoy a reliable reputation among our customers. Above all, excellent quality depends on advanced production equipment and good service. In 2022 and the future, Vtops will continue to help and service the Junhao group to establish more pet nutrition foods filling packaging production lines. At the same time, Vtops will continue to provide better helps and services for more companies like Junhao in the future.

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