Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd successfully delivered 3 sets of spice powder filling machine to Georgia of Eurasia on November 24, 2020.

On October 27, 2020, Mr. GA sent an inquiry of spice powder filling machine to VTOPS via Alibaba. Mr. GA comes from Georgia of Eurasia, which has incredibly rich clean medicinal flora and flavorful spices. He is working in the spice company which is built up in 1997, with the continuous expansion of the company, now the total production area of his company is more 4000 square meters. So, the spice powder filling machine is needed to expand existing scale in urgent.

Firstly, Inquiry via Alibaba

Ms. Lisa Yue, International Trade Manager of Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd. She received the inquiry of Mr. GA via Alibaba, they talked the details is the following:

A. Given Information:

  • 1. Prefer Model: Spice Powder Filling Machine of model VTOPS-P1 or VTOPS-P2.
  • 2. Packaging Weight: Minimum 10gr, maximum 1000gr.
  • 3. Sizes of Daypack:
    160X110X60mm (60 mm is gusset)
    150X100X60mm (60 mm is gusset)

B. Required Information:

  • 1. Detailed specification of this equipment.
  • 2. Detailed information of what consists in set of the powder filling machine.
  • 3. The price of spice powder filling machine and delivery cost to Poti Port of Georgia.

C. Further Information to know:

  • 1. The Material characteristics, distinguish the power is free-flow or non-free flow. How to Determine if Your Product is Free Flow or Non-Free Flow? (Click to Learn More)
    a. Non free flow, powder of seasonings and spices.
    b. Free flow products like black pepper powder, and black pepper seeds.
  • 2. Solution: An Auger Filler Solution for Free Flowing Materials (Click to Learn More)
    a. Auger Filler: used to move non-free flowing materials.
    b. Free-Flow Device: designed an auger filler tray to provide an even filling of free flowing materials, while preventing the natural flow when the auger is not turning.

Secondly, Quotation and Deal

As usual, Ms. Lisa offered a detailed quotation which is based on the quantity of one set spice powder filling machine and screw conveyor feeder.
Mr. GA read the detailed quotation and checked with his manager. They decided to purchase 3 sets as trail. Then Ms. Lisa applied to a more competitive price is based on the quantity of three sets spice powder filling machines.

Thirdly, Representative Visit factory

After discussed all the details, Mr. GA invite his representative came VTOPS factory to check all the machines they purchased. Because the bad experience on importing before, they were worried the quality and service. Ms. Lisa certainly understand the concern, she much welcome customers coming for inspection.

On November 5, 2020, Mr. Hims, the representative of Mr. GA in China came VTOPS factory to check each machine as discussed. Meanwhile, he sent photos and videos for Mr. GA double checking.
Mr. GA and his team were very satisfied the machines and paid the deposit that day.

Thirdly, Package and Shipping

On November 18, the machines are all prepared well. Ms. Lisa sent the photos and videos for Mr. GA checking. And VTOPS received the balance payment soon.
On November 19, Ms. Lisa booked the latest boat to Poti, Georgia; the boat is estimated to departure on December 4.
On November 21, VTOPS finished the package and deliver all the boxes to Shanghai Port. Ms. Lisa keep update the progress of the machines to Mr. GA. That’s very appreciated by him.

Mr. GA said he was very happy to work with such a professional team, he also looks forward to more cooperation in the future.
With the gradual growth of the company, VTOPS continue to improve professional services. They hope that customers can not only buy good machines, but also have a good shopping experience.
Wish VTOPS a better future.

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