32 Sets of Servo Pump Filling Machine Exported in October

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As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in the UK, Germany, and across Europe, demand for products in the sanitizer category has increased. Governments are tightening lockdown measures to combat the second wave of the pandemic. In this special situation, hand sanitizer and other cleaning and disinfection products are in short supply. The increase in demand for hand sanitizer has driven the development of the hand sanitizer production industry. At the same time, it has also promoted the demand for hand sanitizer filling machines in factories. The servo pump piston filling machine is the best machine for filling viscous materials such as hand sanitizer.

VTOPS Exported 32 Servo Pump Piston Filling Machines in October 2020

As a professional filling machinery manufacturer, VTOPS has successfully exported 32 servo pump viscous liquid piston filling machines to Europe. This magnificent achievement proves that overseas customers highly trust VTOPS’s high-quality and high-performance equipment. VTOPS international trade manager Ms. Lisa Yue said that orders from foreign customers had grown steadily in the past few months, mainly from Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and North America. The results in October were eye-catching, accounting for more than 50% of monthly sales. Although our domestic market sales are large, overseas orders will grow faster in the second half of the year. This shows that the quality of our products not only satisfies domestic customers but is also trusted by foreign customers. The servo pump viscous liquid piston filling machine has carried dozens of patented technologies of VTOPS over the years. This machine has complete functions and stable performance. The machine can be used with different filling nozzles to fill products with different viscosities. It can not only fill high-viscosity liquids such as disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and oil but also ordinary liquids such as juice and drinking water. The market well receives the product and has been upgraded many times to meet changing customer needs. Lisa believes that export demand will continue to grow in the last two months of this year. VTOPS specializes in manufacturing several kinds of packaging machines, and we will try our best to make the shipping process as smooth as possible. This commitment has strengthened the confidence of countless overseas customers in choosing VTOPS. Servo Pump Viscous Liquid Piston Filling Machine Servo Pump Viscous Liquid Piston Filling Machine

Features of Servo Pump Piston Filling Machine

1. It adopts a servo control system with an accuracy of over 99.7%, which improves the accuracy and stability of filling. It also enables rapid response to changing demands, reducing waste and production costs.
2. The filling machine is equipped with an LCD touch screen, making the filling operation very convenient and intuitive. Through the touch screen, operators can easily adjust the filling volume for precise capacity control.
3. The machine is equipped with a submersible filling system to ensure the smooth progress of the filling process. The submersible filling system partially immerses the filling nozzle in the liquid inside the container, which can reduce the contact between gas and liquid when filling the liquid, thereby effectively preventing the formation of bubbles.
4. The design of sanitary valve pipelines focuses on hygiene and production efficiency and features quick installation and connection. The raw-grade valve pipeline ensures the safety of the filled products and the safety of consumers.
5. The machine successfully reduces energy costs by using advanced technology and innovative design. The servo pump piston filling machine has achieved impressive results in condensation air consumption, reducing energy consumption by approximately 90%.
Vtops’ Servo Pump Filling Machine for Disinfectant Vtops’ Servo Pump Filling Machine for Disinfectant

Application of Servo Pump Piston Filling Machine

1. Food Industry: It can be used to fill various viscous food products. For example, sauces, jams, chocolate spreads, cream, jam, honey, concentrated soups, soy sauce, etc.
2. Pharmaceutical Industry: This machine is suitable for the precise packaging of medicines, medical liquids, syrups, oral liquids, medicinal oils, etc.
3. Chemical and Coating Industry: Servo pump piston filling machine can fill various viscous chemicals, coatings, paints, adhesives, silicone, etc.
4. Production of Daily Chemical Products: It is suitable for filling hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, detergent, etc.
5. Lubricating Oil and Grease Production: The machine is suitable for precise packaging of various lubricating oils, greases, and machine oils.
6. Automotive Industry: It can achieve precise dispensing of lubricants, liquid additives, and automotive fluids.
7. Cosmetic Manufacturing: It is suitable for the precise filling of cosmetics, perfumes, skin care products, essential oils, etc.
8. Agricultural Field: It can be used for packaging viscous liquids such as agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, feed additives, etc.
Vtops’ Servo Pump Filling Machine with 8-nozzle Vtops’ Servo Pump Filling Machine with 8-nozzle

VTOPS is a trusted manufacturer of packaging and filling machinery. With many years of industry experience, we offer a comprehensive product line covering the packaging needs of various materials such as powders, granules, and liquids. The products cover various types, such as packaging machines, filling machines, labeling machines, and capping machines. We are committed to providing efficient automatic, semi-automatic, and manual solutions to cater to production of different sizes and requirements. Whether you need high-precision liquid filling, precise powder packaging, or rapid packaging of granular materials, VTOPS is committed to providing customers with reliable and innovative machinery and equipment. Our commitment is to provide customizable packaging solutions to help customers achieve production success.

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