A Milk Powder Filling Canning Line Prepared Ready Again

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A Milk Powder Filling Canning Line Prepared Ready Again, Will Delivery to United States of America

In mid-June 2021, a new milk powder filling line prepared ready again. It will deliver to a natural food packaging company which from United States of America. This is not the first time that Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd has delivered the milk powder filling canning line to the United States of America.

Milk Powder Filling Canning Line Prepared Ready [ Site Photo on Vtops Factory ]
Milk Powder Filling Canning Line Prepared Ready [ Site Photo on Vtops Factory ]
The powder filling canning line includes the following machines:

  • 1, Tin Can Unscrambler;
  • 2, Non-magnetic Tin Cans Cleaning Machine with UV Disinfection;
  • 3, Spoon Feeding Machine;
  • 4, Fill-by-Weight Auger Filling Machine;
  • 5, Vacuum Feeder with Stainless-Steel Pipeline;
  • 6, Vacuum Seaming Machine with Nitrogen Gas Flushing.

Highlights of The Line

This milk powder filling packing production line has 2 distinct highlights from other company, they are following.

1, Advanced Fill-By-Weight System

If you ask me which filling method has the highest accuracy. I will tell you without hesitation: that is the Fill-By-Weight (online weighing) system.

In order to prevent the pollution of the workshop caused by the leakage of powder dust, the auger filling machine seems to be a unique choice for dry powder filling. However, how to improve the filling accuracy of dry powder is what the Fill-by-Weight system needs to do.

According to the test feedback from customers in Germany, they filled 7000 cans of milk powder in one day, the target filling weight is 1000 grams.
A total of 4369 cans have an error of 0 grams, which means that 62.41% of the filling weight is 1000 grams.
A total of 2104 cans have an error of 1 grams, which means that 30.05% of the filling weight is 999 grams or 1001 grams.
The remaining filled error is between 3 grams and 5 grams.
His team praised that this is an advanced but cheap technology.

2, Stainless-Steel Conveying Pipe

The conveying pipe of the traditional vacuum feeder is a plastic pipe, and it is still used in a wide range of applications. Plastic conveying pipes are prone to pollution on the ground.

In view of this, we use stainless steel conveying pipes, which are easy to clean and will not touch the ground. The removable and movable storage hopper will help you save a lot of labor.

About Vtops

This Milk Powder Filling Canning Line is one of our many projects. We have a self-build 40,000 square meter modern production factory. If you have any inquiry and advice of packing machine, we are welcome to contact and discuss with us. Thanks!

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