Vtops Fill-By-Vibration Auger Filler Delivered to Sweden

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Recently, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. delivered a fully automatic Fill-By-Vibration Auger Filler [1] to a condiment manufacturer (“the Client”) from Sweden.
The Client is an established spices powder company in Sweden and mainly deals in kitchen condiments with chili powder and pepper powder as major products.

Mr. Holt Visits Vtops Machinery

April of 2018, Vtops Machinery got an inquiry from Mr. Holt, the owner of the Client company who decided to visit the factory after brief exchanges. He knew about Vtops from peer companies in the Swedish market.
Mr. Holt arrived at Zhengzhou, China on June 19, 2018 with specific requirements for a vibration auger filler: the machine should be able to vibration when filling. The filling weight of bottles was not a concern, but bottles should be kept in top-full state during transportation.
Mr. Taka Chang, International Trade Director at Vtops and the Chief Engineer met with Mr. Holt, and they worked together to develop a detailed plan for the vibration auger filler.

Mr. Holt Visits Vtops Machinery on June 19, 2018
Mr. Holt Visits Vtops Machinery on August 27, 2018

* Mr. Holt Visits Vtops Machinery Twice for Spices Filling Labeling Machines [2]

Innovative Solution

An order was placed in the end of June. And the whole production line was finished in the August of year 2018. Mr. Holt came to the factory again on August 27 of 2018 with containers of sample powder to test the machine. And satisfied with the commissioning.

“We started our spice business in 2001 on a small scale and it has grown bigger every year, because our product quality is the best. The best product is produced in the best processing equipment. The (Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd.) equipment are what I need,” Mr. Holt says.

Vtops Machinery’s products and services are time-tested. The factory delivered its first semi-automatic auger filler in 2001 and has accumulated extensive experience in powder filling since then.

The previous auger fillers are all fill-by- volume, and then we developed the fill-by-weight auger filler. But what the Swedish client needs is Fill-By-Vibration auger filler. “This is a test for our capability of making technological improvement. I am glad than we meet the Client’s expectation and fulfill the task,” Chang says, “We encourage you to bring your filling needs to us and give us the opportunity to provide you with exactly what you need. We know that your products and business are valuable and when you choose one of our systems you are making a choice of guaranteed excellence.”

The engineer team of Vtops Machinery designed an up-down vibration device for the Client. Which contained a patented technology and could improve the tap density of the spice powder and ensure that the spice powder will not sprinkle out.

Moreover, Vtops Machinery manufactured a customized labeling machine to fit into the automatic auger filling capping labeling production line.

Positive Momentum

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd is a specialized Design Manufacture since 2001. It designs, develops and manufactures various types of auger fillers and provides customized solutions and superior services.

Vtops Machinery’ products win increasing recognition in overseas markets and its international business develops with positive momentum.

In 2018, the number of new clients increased 140% on a year-on-year. Basis with orders mainly from Sweden, Germany, Poland and Australia. Vtops Machinery’s client base spreads across various sectors. Such as, including milk powder canning industry, food powder processing industry, condiment packaging industry, drug packaging industry, etc.

Vtops Machinery carefully monitors the market trend and continuously makes technological improvement to meet clients’ needs which can be divided into three following categories:

  • A: High Precision
    Vtops Machinery’ proprietary fill-by-weight auger fillers put powder precisely into the container with accurate volume. The filling error is under ±2 grams (testing sample: 1200 grams of milk powder).
  • B: High Speed
    Vtops Machinery ’proprietary a high-speed double nozzle auger filler. It achieved a speed of 60 fills per minute (testing sample: infant formula powder and tin cans).
  • C: Customization
    Vtops Machinery developed Fill-By-Vibrating auger filler to meet specific needs from clients. This new type of equipment is well accepted in the Swedish market.


New Fillers and All-Round Services

Vtops Machinery designs and manufactures auger fillers, vibratory fillers, cup fillers. It is a well-established packing and filling machinery manufacture, including automatic, semi-automatic and manual solutions.

Since 2001, the company attaches primary importance to technological innovation and product quality. As a matter of fact, in the first 10 years, Vtops Machinery did not rush into the international market. Instead, it focused on domestic market, and tried its best to make top-quality machines.

Looking ahead, Vtops has several initiatives to expand their international presence. In year 2019, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to promote auger-fillers series as main products. Vibratory-fillers series and cup-fillers series will be gradually add to the catalogue.

As a major step forward, Vtops Machinery will explore intelligent packaging so as to enrich the intelligent packaging projects. Such as, Vtops Machinery will be intelligent features of Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine (VFFS) and Automatic Intelligent Given Style Premade Bag Rotary Packing Machine.

Moreover, the company will train 10-15 after-sale engineers for international markets. So as to ensure that each and every foreign client will enjoy good and efficient services after the purchase.

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