A Pet Food Weighing Filling Canning Line Customized for Russian Client

On March 31, 2019, Mr Rogalev Iurii (Рогалев Юрий), Engineer of a Russian pet food company, came to visit Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as VTOPS) with his translator Mr Kulabukhov Mikhail (Кулабухов Михаил).

They met with Mr Taka Chang, International Trade Director of VTOPS. And paid an on-site visit to the VTOPS factory with the aim of inspecting the pet food filling line for acceptance. The order was placed by Ms Galina Le, the company owner, in February 2019.

On January 22, Ms Galina Le sent an inquiry to VTOPS in search of a fully automatic weighing filling solution in metal cans for both of granule and liquid. Mr Chang provided her with a product solution as well as a CAD design[1]. Ms Galina Le was very satisfied with the design and decided to purchase a pet food weighing filling canning line. And with a requirement that the design speed should be 45-55 cans per minute.
CAD Drawing of Canning Line for Granule Weighing and Liquid FillingImage Description:
As shown of CAD drawing, the overall dimensions: Length: 8650mm; Width: 4200mm; Height: 3700mm.

An Introduction

The weighing filling production line works in the following way:
Metal cans are loaded onto the conveyor belt, granule of specified weight are put into the cans by 10-head weigher, and liquid of specified weight are filled into the cans by a liquid filler with 12 nozzles, and then sealed.

The pet food filling production line include:

  • Cans Rotary Unscrambler;
  • Multi-Head Weigher;
  • Platform;
  • Control System for Multi-Head Weigher;
  • Z style feeding machine ;
  • Liquid Filling Machine with 12 Nozzles;
  • High-Speed Cans Seaming Machine ;

Acceptance Testing

According to Engineer Rogalev Iurii’s requirement, the acceptance testing was divided into three parts:

Part One:

Precision test with 10-head weigher weighing 166 grams granules of cat food.
In the one-minute test, altogether 51 filling results were received:
Among others,

  • 42 with a filling weight of 203 grams (the container weighing 37 grams and the ‘zero error rate’ was 82.35%;
  • 8 with a filling weight of 204 grams (the container weighing 37 grams);
  • 1 weighted 202 grams (the container weighing 37 grams) and the error was only 1 gram.

Testing Result: 100% met the client’s requirement.

Part Two:

Precison test for 12-nozzles liquid filling machine, using 249 grams liquid.
In a recycling test, 12 cans were filling at the same time, which took 8.56 seconds.
Among others,

  • 2 cans weighed 285 grams (the container with a weight of 37 grams);
  • 5 cans weighed 286 grams (the container with a weight of 37 grams);
  • 3 cans weighed 287 grams (the container with a weight of 37 grams);
  • 2 cans weighed 288 grams (the container with a weight of 38 grams).

Testing Result: 100% met the client’s requirement.

Part Three:

Overall testing (please see video demonstration below).

How did they get in touch?

Ms Galina Le found VTOPS through google, and took interest in the machines and filling line solutions after watching videos of VTOPS products on Youtube.

Mr Chang said that the factory had not received Russian clients before, but there were clients from Russia who purchased Vtops machine online. The latest client sent an email to ask about the quality of the machine to one of the previous clients who commended VTOPS product quality and after-sale services.

During their inspection, the engineer nodded his head for several times when he read the final results. The translator said Mr Rogalev Iurii was quite satisfied. Mr Chang added that the client was strict with precision and only a error of 5 grams was allowed.

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd is a specialized Design Manufacture since 2001. It designs, develops and manufactures various types of auger fillers and provides customized solutions and superior services.
“Our company is committed to provide all kinds of filling and packing solutions. We have cooperated with clients from pet food industry before and always strive to provide the most suitable solution to meet their requirement”, Mr Chang said.

Perfect After Sales Service

A team of technicians and engineers will go to Russia to help the client with installation, commissioning and staff training. They will leave soon when they obtain their visas.

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